Liberty City Modded Into GTA 5


A very, very long time ago we reported on a pretty impressive fan project of porting over all of Vice City into the engine of GTA V for better visual quality. Though the city was somewhat underpopulated and the textures were a tad low-rez, the map already looked a hell of a lot better while running under the newest Rage engine, with its modern lighting and water effects.

While that particular mod hasn't been taken further with texture upgrades, the addition of missions and PEDs or vehicles, fans have always been fascinated with the idea of seeing other cities return in GTA 5 either as mods or as DLC.

In that vein, one of the most popular DLC rumors for GTA 5 and Online has been the addition of Liberty City either as story content or as a new continent for players to progress further in the multiplayer mode. Usually, these rumors have been shot down pretty early on, however the chance of it one day becoming reality is still present.

In the meantime, players will have to make do with hopes, dreams and mods. Much like the Vice City map port most of old, the entire map of Liberty City from GTA IV has been modded over to the newest iteration of the Rage engine.

A YouTuber and GTA fan, Taltigolt has recently uploaded a video of him exploring the modded Liberty City with Michael. Driving through familiar streets in first person view might be a bit jarring for fans of the previous installment in the franchise that starred Niko Bellic.


While Vice City is based on Miami and Los Santos on Los Angeles, Liberty City has been modeled after New York City. Undoubtedly the most common city to appear in media, NYC is practically "home-ground" to anyone who has seen enough movies and played enough games. While GTA 5 and San Andreas, two of the most praised games in the franchise are both set in Los Santos, LC is probably the most loved setting in the franchise.

Seeing as GTA Online is the real cash-cow of Rockstar, they'll probably have to expand the map of the game eventually. Adding access to another established and known location from the franchise with new missions, contacts, jobs and collectibles for players to experience.


While this comes to fruition, however, we'll need to make do with single player mods that have missing textures.

Would you like to explore Liberty City in GTA 5?

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