Leaker Shares GTA 6, Online Predictions

Grand Theft Auto, as a series, has a busy future to look forward to - and we don't just mean the GTA+ subscription service hitting Online, or the new world of updates opening up as the multiplayer mode splits off as standalone and starts a new life on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. A reliable informant has posted some predictions regarding GTA 6, and even a continuation for GTA Online.

If you've been at all involved with the GTA community this past few years, you'll definitely have heard of a leaker going by Tez2. Posting on Twitter and GTAForums, they have been revealing fairly accurate content predictions about GTA 5, Online and Red Dead Redemption 2 for years now, sporting a great track record when it comes to accuracy.

Now, as the waters regarding GTA 6 leaks have become increasingly muddy following Rockstar's official announcement, they've thrown their hat into the ring as well. While multiple reliable and credible sources share conflicting reports about what to expect, we now have a new bit of speculation about the game's structure.


In a forum post, Tez2 outlines their predictions about GTA 6 relying on a chapter system not unlike what we saw in RDR2. This would give the developers the freedom to craft a dynamically changing map where locations and environments would be different chapter-to-chapter, reflecting events in the story and the passage of time. Chapters would also provide an easier framework to slot single player DLC into.

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Tez2 mentions that a chapter based approach was once on the cards for GTA 5, and some of the scrapped single player DLC would have been delivered as "what-if" chapters that didn't slot into the official canon. These spin-offs would have featured aliens and zombies, both of which have appeared in small cameo roles in GTA Online as joke content.

Hopefully GTA 6 really will actually get single player DLC, since GTA 5 was robbed of that privilege by the sudden success of Online. Sources claim that GTA 6 won't feature any multiplayer mode of its own, since the project is of a smaller scope to combat prevalent crunch at Rockstar studios - though this contradicts some recent reports.

Despite this, Tez2 speaks of predictions for an entirely new GTA multiplayer game, and how it would be different from Online in its current form. The informant speculates that Rockstar Games would use session migration as seen in Red Dead Online, and to achieve this the next Online iteration would have to be a separate entity from the current one.

Seeing as GTA Online just went standalone and is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down in terms of popularity, we don't see a lot of merit in this - at least, not for a long while yet. There definitely may come a time when Online needs a replacement, but the numbers don't indicate that we're anywhere near such an event.

Meanwhile the speculation, prediction and leaks around GTA 6 are only heating up. Knowing Rockstar, it's back to complete radio silence after they came out to confirm that the game has been in development for some time. Until we hear anything official, expect more of these shots in the dark.


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