Laser Weapon Sale In GTA Online This Week

This week you can stock up on some specialized weaponry on the cheap. A content-specific property has also been discounted, and you can earn big with select activities - alongside a free money reward for all players logging in during May.

Team up with your associates for some corporate action in Business Battles, paying out triple rewards all week. If you're tired of pushing out your profit margin, you can switch the threads for a jumpsuit and hop into a lap of Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series for double rewards. Special Cargo Sell Missions also pay out double GTA$ and RP this week, and are the most lucrative activities with a bonus applied.


While being able to earn more GTA$ is great, it doesn't compare to just getting GTA$ for free. Every player who logs into GTA Online at any time during the month of May, starting tomorrow, will receive a one-time bonus of GTA$ 500,000, delivered within a week of their qualifying log-in. While half a million doesn't buy much anymore, it's still free.

While we're already on the topic of free stuff, ride on down to the Diamond Casino & Resort to test your fortune at the Lucky Wheel for the chance to win a Pegassi Reaper. The Reaper is a relatively recent car and a fan favorite, so it's definitely worth the minimal effort required.

Some heavy metal is also available on a steep discount this week. You can pick up the heavy-hitting B-11 Strikeforce at a 40% discount, while the Pegassi Oppressor is 35% off. The Declasse Hotring Sabre is also 60% off if racing is more your cup of tea, as opposed to wanton destruction. Additionally, you can now purchase your Nightclub at 40% off, unlocking the content of the After Hours DLC.

Keep in mind that Rockstar Games is still offering up revenue gained from Shark Card sales for COVID-19 relief efforts, so if you've been thinking of topping up your GTA$ reserves, now is the time!

Aron Gerencser
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