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Land Races Dealing Out Triple Rewards In GTA Online

Last week, Grand Theft Auto Online was turned into something of a sleeper Speed Racer homage with 8 new zany Stunt Race tracks that had players zoom and jump through all kinds of death defying obstacles. If your legs still have the consistency of jelly ever since, maybe this week's bonuses will help you get grounded.

All Land Races are paying out not the typical double rewards we've come to expect of weekly bonuses, but triple - this makes sense, since racing isn't exactly the most lucrative activity in GTA Online, so you need to grease it up a little more to attract players. The 3x RP and GTA$ bonus applies to Rockstar created Land Races only.

Even with 3x rewards Land Races still won't be the best paying activity this week, as Special Cargo Sales are paying out double, which makes one of the game's most lucrative missions an even better source of income. Business Battles, which let you restock your warehouses with a fight, are also paying out double.

This week, players logging into GTA Online can unlock two free pieces of clothing simply by hopping into the game - these are the Navy Pinstripe Pajamas and Navy Pinstripe Smoking Jacket which are added to your virtual wardrobe automatically. If you have reached Rank 100, you'll also get the much more exclusive Blue Check Smoking Jacket.

While we're on the subject of free goodies, everyone loves a free drink or ten, right? You're in luck this week, because there is a non-stop open bar promo at the Diamond Casino & Resort until the 10th. While you're there, you may as well give the Lucky Wheel a spin, as you stand to win a Överflöd Entity XXR at no charge if you get the vehicle prize.

Spice up your wardrobe with hoodies from the Import/Export update and Casino clothing at half price, and start living the high life with Casino Penthouses and High End Apartments and their renovations at 40% off. Jump into the lucrative world of businesses with 60% off on Executive Offices and 50% off Special Cargo Warehouses.


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