Lampadati Novak Now Available In GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online might have a quieter week than usual due to the momentous PC release of Red Dead Redemption 2, but there's still a new car, bonuses, discounts and more of the usual weekly additions to keep us all engaged.

The newest vehicle to grace GTA Online is the imposing and elegant Lampadati Novak. This is the type of luxurious high-set SUV that manufacturers love photographing on rough terrain for the marketing, where nobody who actually buys the damn thing would dare to take it.


In spite of sporting a design that makes it look like the sensibilities of a concept hypercar were tailored onto an SUV, the Novak's price tag is surprisingly tame. At GTA$608,000.00, we've seen retro-but-not-vintage sedans go for more. If you are looking for a stylish but practical vehicle without breaking the bank, this has you covered.

However, if you tire of driving your new car carefully so as to not scratch the paint, you can jump over into a round of S. A. Super Sport Series, a playlist consisting of rotating races of Hotring Circuit, R.C. Bandito Races and Issi Classic Races. All matches of this series are dishing out triple RP and GTA$ all week, so put on your jumpsuit.

If these circuits are a bit too high octane for you, with a small downgrade you can still burn rubber and earn big while doing so. The regular Racing Series is paying out twice the usual cash and RP rewards through the 13th of November. Additionally, career criminals and gambling addicts can earn double RP, cash and casino chips by doing casino cork missions in that same time frame.

Speaking of the casino, alongside new paintings and clothing items you can spend your hard won chips on, there's a new car to be snatched from the lucky wheel. The Vysser Neo is this week's vehicle prize, so make sure you go back to the Diamond every day for your spin.

There is a 40% discount in action on a large selection of vehicles, including the Hijak Ruston, Declasse Drift Tampa and Karin Sultan RS among others. You'll need someplace to store all those rides and luckily for you all garages are 35% off this week as well!

Aron Gerencser
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