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Lamar & Madrazo Contact Missions Paying Double In GTA Online

Some of your old contacts in Los Santos are willing to pay well for various tasks they need a discerning career criminal's help in completing, and there are a bunch of other activities dealing out increased rewards this week in Grand Theft Auto Online. Take a look how to earn big, and what's on discount.

Lamar Davis and Martin Madrazo are two among the many contacts in GTA Online who will offer your character missions, and working with them is usually something newer players spend time with, but even more experienced folk might want to hop back to these missions now that they deal out 2x RP and GTA$.

If the narratively driven Contact Missions aren't your speed, there is a whole bouquet of other activities to choose from that pay out double rewards. Fight for supremacy on the ground, in the air and on the water with Transform Races, or hop into a high-speed round of Hunting Pack Remix. You can also increase your profit margins on sell missions by winning Business Battles, which also deal out double rewards.

If you are a proud owner of a Dinka Tee, simply logging into GTA Online this week will unlock the exclusive Dinka Aged Tee featuring the same design, but with a faded effect on the logo print. Despite Rockstar's flavor text, you can't actually sell clothing items in GTA Online. You can also unlock the Neon Skull Emissive Mask by completing any preparation mission for The Doomsday Heist.

If you give the Lucky Wheel a spin at the Diamond Casino and Resort, you stand to win a pre-customized HVY Nightshark, entirely for free. Keep in mind that players have one spin per day, so come back every day of the week to maximize your chances.

All Facilities and their related upgrades are 40% off this week, as is the Terrorbyte and its own suite of customizations. You can also devastate the competition with three laser weapons, the Widowmaker, Unholy Hellbringer and Up-N-Atomizer, also discounted by 40%.

Other items discounted by 40% include the Rhino Tank, the HVY Chernobog, the Buckingham Miljet and the Progen Emerus. Meanwhile, the Mammoth Squaddie is 25% off.


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