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Lamar Contact Missions Paying Triple In GTA Online

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Sometimes it helps to step away from all the bunkers, hangars, offices, stunt races, businesses, submersible cars and flying motorcycles in favor of a more traditional Grand Theft Auto experience. This week's bonuses will help you do just that without losing out on major profits.

Lamar Davis, long-time associated of Franklin Clinton, always has a new hustle and a fresh angle to work on for the Families gang. Since he's the one that picks up your GTA Online character from the LSIA when you start the game, the two of you already have a kind of rapport, so it makes sense he comes to you for help - running his Contact Missions will earn you triple GTA$ and RP this week.

When you've had enough of petty crime - which, really, is the core of GTA - you can switch gears and jump into some Land Races. Regular, run of the mill Land Races which don't have insane hoops or checkpoints that instantly transform your vehicle in a puff of smoke. These too are dishing out triple rewards.

To manage the sheer overwhelming amount of content in GTA Online, which Rockstar is hell bent on expanding even further, less important missions have been placed on a cyclical rotation, showing up for limited times before being replaced, then appearing again later on.

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This week's returning limited time activities include the Sumo, Inch By Inch, Keep the Pace, and Offense Defense Adversary Modes, as well as Sea Races and Parachuting Jobs. Offense Defense is paying out 2x the usual rewards this week, and will be phased out after. The Calafia Way Time Trial is also offering double rewards.

Placing Top 3 in any 7 Pursuit Series races this week will win you the Prize Ride vehicle, which is a free Emperor Vectre, while the Übermacht Rebla GTS is spinning on the Diamond's podium. This week's Test Track offerings are the Dinka Jester RR, Annis Euros, and Vapid Dominator ASP.

Benny's is holding a sale this week with Hydraulics being sold half price, and there is a selection of custom vehicle upgrades at 30% off. You can also trick out your personal Auto Shop with 25% off all upgrades and customizations.


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