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Knight Rider Meets GTA V Thanks To Mod


Usually, when we report on GTA V being crossed with something out of popular culture, it's in the form of a video made with the Rockstar Editor which is either a recreation of a scene from a popular movie or series, or it is a tribute to another IP the author is a fan of. While there are many, manymany, such creations, it is possible to marry Rockstar's hit with another IP by other means. Another method, which too is PC exclusive (though the Rockstar Editor may be coming to consoles), is modding.


We've also reported on many ambitious and interesting mods, some of which either improve the already impressive visuals, others add new features. Some, however, are quite simple, and yet fantastic in their own right. What we have here is the kind of thing that you don't realize how much you've missed until you finally get it.

Really, no-one thought that a Knight Rider mod for GTA V is easily among the top ten things humanity is in need of until now? At least it happened - a modder has added a new vehicle to the game, KITT, the intelligent car from the popular retro series. The car has many of the characteristic features and abilites that appeared in the show, allowing players to use a wide range of weapons while driving. Other abilities include driving on water, driving on two wheels, jumping and boosting.

Now, these abilities are nice and all, but the thing that stuck in everyone's mind is that KITT talks. The KITT in this mod? Not only does this car talk, but it speaks with the voice of none other than William Daniel, the voice actor for KITT from the original 80's show!

You can will download this mod here. Were you a fan of the original Knight Rider series?


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