Kifflom! Here’s Some New Rockstar Endorsed GTA V Jobs

Following straight after a set of fan made GTA V videos using the Rockstar Editor, the developer has gone ahead and posted a batch of player created missions which are styled after the actions and activities of the expansive and arguably insane Epsilon Program cult.


The Epsilon cult has been a part of GTA lore for quite a while. They appeared in GTA: San Andreas to a limited extent, but got a bit more of the spotlight in GTA V than they did ever before. These challenges have been hand picked by Rockstar Games for your playing and truth seeking pleasure. Kifflom!

The first job is accessible to PC players, and is a team deathmatch titled Cult of Cash. As we all know, cults are typically hoaxes, fronts for greedy people trying to get rich. Chances are, Epsilon is no different, so its time you took all that dough off their grabby hands, by shooting up their headquarters.


In Blood N’ Fire, Playstation players go back to where it all started and light the peak of Mount Chiliad on fire with their team, after which they proceed to cause blunt force trauma to anything that moves in the blaze.

Xbox players may take part in the Altruist Camp Offensive, where one team is armed with a wide range of weaponry but only their legs to transport them, while the Cult Stoppers will have a limiter armory, but several rides at their disposal.

PC players, once tired of spilling enemy blood, may take to the road in the Going With The Downflow race, taking them through Tongva Hills, Tongva Valley and Banham Canyon. Let Kraff take the wheel!

Rockstar assumes Playstation players are more bloodthirsty than the others, as their second job is a deathmatch once again, sans the team bit. Time to shoot up the Epsilon HQ (again)!

Finally, Xbox players will take part in a challenging bike race called San Chianski Race. The title kinda gives away the location.

Will you guys be giving these jobs a go?

Aron Gerencser
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