The Karin Previon Is Now Available In GTA Online

We've still got some vehicles to get through before we run out of drip-fed content tied to Los Santos Tuners, and it's fitting to get cars perfectly geared for a bit of custom work - just like this week's new ride. Joining the new Grand Theft Auto Online content is the usual selection of bonuses and discounts.

The brand new Karin Previon, based on a number of iconic Japanese car designs, shares its name with a similar vehicle that appeared previously in GTA San Andreas. We're looking at a more modern design this time around, but it still isn't a contemporary take - and perfect for tuning.

You can grab the Karin Previon for GTA$ 1,490,000, or for the trade price of GTA$ 1,117,500. It's almost a sin to leave a car like this uncustomized - it is more like a blank canvas than a finished product. Expect to spend more on tricking it out after buying the ride.


Of course, it shouldn't hurt the bank too much with all the bonuses on offer this week. Vehicle Vendetta is paying out double RP and GTA$ if you are looking for a fun casual arena romp, however the real profits lie in the doubled production speed for Nightclub Warehouses.

Nightclub Warehouses produce sellable product for all of your businesses for free, which boosts your profits already - and now the income rate is doubled, if you make sure to run sell missions diligently. There's also a double bonus on all LS Car Meet reputation gained from eligible activities.

This week's Prize Ride Challenge tasks you with winning a total of 8 Sprint Races, which will earn you a free Pfister Growler. Meanwhile, this week's Test Ride vehicles include the new Karin Previon, the Pfister Comet S2 and the Dinka RT3000. With luck on your side, you also stand to win a free Truffade Adder at the Diamond Casino.

You can pick up the Declasse Hotring Sabre, the Blimp, the Lampadati Michelli GT, the Överflöd Imorgon and the Buckingham Alpha-Z1 for 40% off, while the Progen PR4 and Annis ZR350 are discounted by 30%.

Aron Gerencser
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