You Won't Believe Just Cause 3's Map Compared to GTA V

GTA V really has become the go-to staple of open world action-adventure video games nowadays, but that hardly means it is the only one worth mentioning.

Just Cause Gta V Map Comparison

The Just Cause franchise, popularized mainly by the second installment which added infinite parachutes and an incredibly fun grappling hook to the formula, has been lauded by a rather significant portion of the more hardcore gaming community as one of the champions of the genre. With extreme player freedom (though in a different vein than Grand Theft Auto), destructible scenery and a immeasurably fun method of transportation (available in GTA V through mods), Just Cause 2 has made its way to many "best of" lists. Well, Crackdown 3 isn't the only GTA-rival that is coming soon, as Just Cause 3's launch is also looming.



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Another thing Just Cause 2 was known for was its ball-staggeringly large, yet full and vibrant map. The upcoming sequel is following this trend, with Just Cause 3's map measuring 1000 square kilometers, much like its predecessor. For reference, the map currently playable in GTA V, minus the area of North Yankton, is "only" 129 square kilometers.

Further, one Just Cause 3 fan has pieced together the game's map from various teaser images and videos for the upcoming game in order to give us an accurate view of how much of the map will be land, how much will be sea, how the islands will be arranged and so on. Now, in the case of GTA V, it's a hell of a lot simpler since we're only talking about one big island, however here, you have many strewn around in an archipelago formation. With Just Cause 3 adding a wing suit to the parachutes and grappling hook, Rockstar better watch out, as GTA V is getting some real competition.

Do any of you guys hope for GTA V's map getting expanded?


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  1. People should expect and demand more from open-world video games. Who cares if t's bigger but less substance? I'd rather smaller, compact and more detailed. Being able to enter any building; through the wall if I choose. Destructible everything. Or else what's the point of a game so big that it takes 100 hours to complete but you have only seen or experience 1%. That's stupid. I'm not going to play a 100 hour game 100 times. I'd rather everyone see and experience the same thing and trade scope for content and realism. GTAV looks like a huge PS2 game. Just Cause is even bigger and at least looks like a PS4 game but is generic as it gets. And they still get things wrong like gas station explosions would look different in real life. The black smoke wouldn't just vanish. Games should look like what the human eye sees and not like what a computer sees. When you run, I want tunnel vision. There should be focus and out of focus. Just like an analog camera or gee I don't know THE HUMAN EYE?!

    1. Bro. Just Cause 3 is way detailed its rediculous. the water aspect of all the islands. im sorry but GTA is horrible when it comes to detail and look and feel. Just cause 3 is beautiful to just fly around

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