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Jump Into Stunt Bonuses In GTA Online This Week

Grand Theft Auto Online has a long history with wacky content ranging from orbital lasers to destruction derbies using weaponized vehicles that would put the rides from Mad Max to shame. Prime among the more whimsical activities are the highly colorful, dangerous and physically impossible Stunt Races, which have players zip around tight turns and brave death-defying jumps high among the skyscrapers of Los Santos - and this week, they're paying better.

It's time to get some air time this week, as completing any 5 Stunt Jumps scattered throughout Los Santos and Blaine County will earn you a one-time GTA$ 500,000 bonus. What goes up also has to come down, and it's best to be strapped to a huge piece of life-saving fabric when this happens - all Parachute Jobs are paying out double GTA$ and RP this week.

Since even with a double reward promo Parachute Jobs aren't exactly the best source of income, there's a bit of a bonus thrown in - you'll unlock the exclusive Bigness Jackal Sweater for free if you complete any Parachute Job this week. In that vein, all Parachutes, Parachute Bags and Parachute Smokes are free all week long!

Some players might prefer to stay grounded, and the only ramp that interests them is profits ramping up - in this case, you can take advantage of continued Bikers bonuses, with double payouts on sell missions, Challenges and Work.

Alongside the free money and free sweater, GTA Online players also have the opportunity to earn a free vehicle by spinning the Lucky Wheel in the Diamond Casino & Resort. Remember to come back every day of the week for a chance at a pre-customized Itali RSX supercar.

While usually weekly discounts are in some way tied to the theme of the bonuses, the conspicuous lack of actual Stunt Race bonuses make this a bit difficult - instead, you can grab all Garages for 40% off, all Hangars and their upgrades for 40% off and a cadre of both land and air vehicles also for 40% off!


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