The Iron Legion Has Arrived In GTA V

We've seen the primary armor. We've seen the Hulkbuster armor. Now, it's time for more of Tony Stark's Iron Legion to make their way into GTA V, thanks to the power of modding.


Over the years there has been countless variations of the iconic Iron Man armor which appeared in various comics, films, series and games created by Marvel. Some are upgrades of the jack-of-all-trades primary armor, some are specialized. Some adhere to the classic red and gold color scheme, some do not. Most are worn by Tony Stark, their creator, while others aren't. Either way, there are at least as many armor variations as there are alternate universes in the Marvel continuity, and more.


One modder, JulioNIB, decided some time ago to bring Iron Man to GTA V and created his mod. The files, once added to GTA V, allow players to don the powered exo-skeleton in Los Santos, and make use of its various abilities, such as super-strength, flights and the unibeam. He later also created a Hulkbuster mod, which allowed players to call on the gargantuan armor and its enhanced abilities.


Now, another modder has decided to expand on Julio's mods by adding two new armors from the Iron Legion. The Mark 22 "Hot Rod" and Mark 38 "Igor" Iron Man armors can now be downloaded and added to JulioNIB's Iron Man mod. The Mark 22, being nothing more than a modified War Machine armor, replaces the regular Iron Man armor. While Igor, due to its superior strength and bulkier design, replaces the Hulkbuster.

Hopefully these two mods begin a trend, and soon we'll be seeing the entire Iron Legion in GTA V. It would certainly give those FIB agents a run for their money.

Which Iron Man variant do you hope comes to GTA V next?

Aron Gerencser
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