Insider suggests that GTA 6 could feature Single-Player DLC

Supposedly, Rockstar Games is planning to shift its focus on single-player DLCs for Grand Theft Auto 6, as per a reliable insider.

The concept of DLC isn't new to the Grand Theft Auto series, as we've seen with the very successful DLC released for GTA 4. Grand Theft Auto 4 received an expanded experience with The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony single-player DLCs. The DLCs featured new playable characters, brand new stories, and gameplay features.


Fans expected Grand Theft Auto 5 to get the same love for single-player, but it never came to light, albeit it was apparently planned by Rockstar Games. Yes, Rockstar Games did intend on introducing post-launch single-player content for the story mode, but GTA Online took off and became incredibly popular, so the studio focused on that instead.

GTA 5 was originally supposed to receive a substantial amount of post-launch content, which was scrapped in favor of the highly sought-after GTA Online.

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Considering the success of GTA Online, the next installment of GTA's multiplayer component will certainly receive the same amount of attention and resources. However, according to a reliable insider, Tez2, GTA 6 will get some single-player DLC too.

In a post on GTA Forums, Tez2 states that GTA 6 DLC will be handled the same way that Rockstar Games intended to handle GTA 5 single-player DLC. Tez2 states that single-player DLC for GTA 5 was already under development before the game's release, along with the Liberty City port. They were both scrapped in 2015.

The DLC for GTA 6 will supposedly feature new cities and story missions and, according to Tez2, the first DLC, with its new cities and missions, is being planned well in advance of GTA 6's release.

This should give Rockstar Games sufficient time and resources to allocate towards whatever aspects of the game it wants to develop following the global release of GTA 6. Tez2 explained that players might receive new cities or islands similar to Cayo Perico or North Yankton.

Previous reports also suggested that GTA 6 will feature an evolving map, with new cities added over time. Tez2's claims about single-player DLC corroborate with those reports.

The single-player mode of Grand Theft Auto is widely played by many players and is enjoyed equally as much as GTA Online. While GTA 5 never received a single-player DLC in almost a decade, fans are in for a treat with the release of GTA 6.


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