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Independence Day Specials Arrive In GTA Online

Join your fellow white collar criminals, street thugs, vehicle appropriators and swindlers in Los Santos for the most American holiday of the year. Fourth of July celebrations in Grand Theft Auto Online have begun right on time, including a swath of thematic bonuses and discounts.

GTA Online received a few Independence Day themed DLC packs in the past and all the content from them is now on a 40% discount. These include all kinds of blatantly 'Murican items like the Musket, Independence Day clothing, tattoos and haircuts, Patriot Tire Smoke, Star Spangled Banner Horns, Independence Day liveries for MK II weapons and the MOC, the Vapid Liberator, the Western Sovereign and of course the Fireworks launcher.

A huge selection of activities are paying bigger than usual rewards - though this may be related to the impending release of the inevitably expensive Casino DLC rather than Independence Day. If you're good at moving contraband, you can make the biggest bucks with Smuggler's Run Sell Missions this week, which aren't paying out double - they're paying out triple RP and GTA$.

Joining Smuggler's Run is Gunrunning Sell and Special Cargo Sell missions, which double their usual rewards this week, through the 10th of July. Biker Sell Missions are also joining the long list of double reward activities, along with the new Missile Base Series and Client Jobs. On top of all this, Nightclub passive income will generate twice as fast, and Gunrunning Research will also get a 2x buff.

Playing during Independence Day, and the whole week after, will also get you some free loot. Simply by logging in you'll get a white Canis USA tee as well as the Patriot Beer Hat, a staple of any American sporting event.

Independence Day content isn't the only thing discounted this week, with a wide variety of other items also on offer through the 10th of July. All ammunition, including MK II rounds, is 75% off, and there is a 40% blanket discount on all other vehicles and properties that had their prices cut. Highlights include the JoBuilt Phantom Wedge, the Karin Technical Aqua, the Declasse Scramjet as well as Yachts, Facilities and Hangars.

Rockstar has also recently announced a partnership with Twitch, which grants players who link their Twitch Prime account with their Social Club account a number of bonuses and gifts. If you link the two accounts before the 19th of July, you'll get a free GTA$ 1,250,000 bonus as well as an additional 10% off all discounted items. This partnership will also give Twitch Prime subscribers discounts on Shark Card purchases and further bonuses in the months to come.

Happy Independence Day!


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