Independence Day Bonuses Explode Into GTA Online

Independence day might be feeling a lot less independent this year, but players will still be able to take part in a bunch of in-game events riding the celebratory wave. Grand Theft Auto Online veterans who've experienced Rockstar's flavor of July bonuses will recognize most of what is on offer, but there's some new stuff to delve into as well.

What better way to commemorate a nation where land has more voting power than people than with a triple payout boost on all Land Races? Access a set of Independence Day themed tracks by launching this week's Featured Series - all players who complete Across the Wilderness, Mud, Sweat and Gears, Swamp Monster, and Tour the Lake will get a one-time bonus payout of GTA$ 200,000.

All Business Battles are paying out 3x RP and GTA$ through July 6, so get together with your associates for some acquisitions. Meanwhile, Lester is giving all helping hands twice the usual reward for completing any of his Contact Missions. The Running Back (Remix) Adversary Mode joins the lineup of activities paying out triple the usual rewards this week.


If you're planning on making use of that tidy Business Battle bonus, get ready for additional rewards - crates you recover during the match might reward you with some exclusive items, including the Pisswasser Beer Hat, the Benedict Beer Hat, the Patriot Beer Hat, the Supa Wet Beer Hat, or the Statue of Happiness T-Shirt.

Apparently nothing says "Independence Day" better than... driving some Italian cars for free? In any case, you can take the Pegassi Ignus, the Pegassi Tempesta, and the Pegassi Zentorno for a spin at the Test Track. Meanwhile, the Bravado Gauntlet Classic is this week's Prize Ride, and you can purchase all Independence Day themed items and vehicles at half-price.

This week also marks the beginning of an all-new event for GTA+ subscribers. Alongside the fixed benefits, premium players will receive a free Ocelot Locust, the Crash Pad Penthouse at The Diamond alongside a 40% discount on Penthouse Decorations and a 3x buff to Daily Visitor Bonus Chip Claims. You'll also receive a smattering of smaller items, a guarantee of finding diamonds in the vault during The Casino Heist and other money-making advantages.

Ray Ampoloquio
"Hmm.. nice bike," as soon as he heard those words, Ray was hooked into the world of the GTA games. Since then, he's spent countless hours gangbanging the ballas and hanging out with Roman. He insists that GTA IV is the best Grand Theft Auto title of all time. Let Ray know your thoughts on Twitter or LinkedIn.