Impressive Mid Air GTA Online Stunt

Stunting has become quite the integral part of the GTA V community. The most skilled stuntmen among the players are mini-celebrities with the most legendary ones being known to every player. You’ve surely heard of Blacksmoke Billy, who flipped a semi, detached the trailer, landed, and “caught” the trailer so that it reattached. He and others like him spend some of their free time performing physics-defying feats using various vehicles in GTA V. Granted, this is partially made possible thanks to the unrealistic physics engine the game uses, but we all know that making those things is a massive pain.

The most recent stunt which has been making the rounds amongsy the community was performed by Cadkane1, for whom this might end up being his big break. Relatively new to stunting (at least new in the sense that he hasn’t published much yet), Cadkane1 decided to jump right in to the deep end with a mid air stunt.


His mate flew a massive Titan cargo plane, keeping it steady to the best of his efforts, while our stuntman tried to land a smaller two-seater plane on top of the gargantuan machine. Considering the Titan’s size and wingspan, the stunt’s concept was viable, however pulling it off is another thing entirely.


True enough, it took quite a few tries within the one minute video to get it right and we can only guess how many takes they had before achieving success. The whole stunt was recorded both by Cadkane1 and his assistant following at a distance in a helicopter. Considering how difficult it is to fly in GTA V by default and factoring in that both objects were moving, you can imagine how crazy hard this stunt must have been.


Have you ever attempted a similar stunt in GTA Online, or do you leave the stunting to the pros?

Aron Gerencser
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