Earn Big With Import/Export In GTA Online This Week

The best kind of bonuses in Grand Theft Auto Online are always the ones that boost already lucrative activities - this week is one of those weeks. Alongside huge earning opportunities, there are also giveaways and discounts available.

GTA Online, like the series as a whole, likes to put a satirical filter on the world and poke fun at the injustices of late-stage capitalism; maybe that's why all the criminal characters become exceedingly rich executives during their progression path. Being the biggest crook of all lands you in a corporate office, and this week crime pays even more.

Import/Export Sell Missions, already among the more lucrative activities in the game, are paying out 50% more RP and GTA$ all week. Meanwhile, Special Cargo Sell Missions are cashing out double. Between these two bonus activities, you'll be swimming in cash.


There are some more casual activities paying out extra this week as well, for players who aren't in the mood for a grind or haven't progressed far enough to be immersed in Import/Export or cargo work. Premium Repo Work, the Top Fun Adversary Mode and the Sumo (Remix) Adversary Mode are all paying 2x rewards.

Even if you don't have time to play for real, simply logging in this week is worth your while. One of GTA Online's most useful and utilitarian vehicles is up for grabs, as all players can claim a free Karin Armored Kuruma from Southern San Andreas Super Autos. This is near the top of the game's "must haves" list.

The Grotti Turismo Classic is this week's Prize Ride, while the Grotti Itali RSX, Grotti Furia, and Grotti X80 Proto can be tried out on the Test Track for free. It's a pretty Grotti heavy week, since the Grotti Turismo R is spinning on the Diamond's podium.

The Grotti fever is gripping discounts as well, with the Grotti Furia and Grotti X80 Proto being 30% off, the Grotti Cheetah Classic being 40% off and the Grotti Stinger being 50% off. There are a number of other vehicles on discount too.

Ray Ampoloquio
"Hmm.. nice bike," as soon as he heard those words, Ray was hooked into the world of the GTA games. Since then, he's spent countless hours gangbanging the ballas and hanging out with Roman. He insists that GTA IV is the best Grand Theft Auto title of all time. Let Ray know your thoughts on Twitter or LinkedIn.