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Hunter Attack Helicopter Finally Added To GTA Online

The DLC vehicle we've all been waiting for has finally arrived to GTA Online. Week after week we've been hoping for the most destructive helicopter in the game to finally show up, but now the wait is over.

Oh, there are also bonuses.

Now called the FH-1 Hunter, because all military vehicles need serial numbers, the helicopter retains its looks as seen in the missions from Smuggler's Run, so there is nothing new here. Like the Hunters of older GTA games, this too is based on the iconic Apache that Hollywood loves to overuse.

The Hunter was slated to be included in Grand Theft Auto 5 upon launch, and to be accessible in the single player portion as well, as evidenced by it popping up during a trailer for the game. It ended up being cut, but footage of it was found in the release build of GTA 5, as it appeared in the in-game trailers of one of the faux Hollywood movies.

The Hunter seats two, a pilot and a gunner, and has a huge arsenal with which to rain down death and destruction upon your enemies. It's the most heavily armed vehicle in the game as of release, with a chin-mounted turret that the gunner can operate, machine guns, no-recharge homing missiles with a barrage option, and bomb bays.

The Hunter is nature's little way of telling someone that they're about to have a hundred rounds of heat-seeking freedom launched into their way of life. With space for more mass destruction than anything in its class, this thing has been responsible for delivering more kilotons of democracy than any other attack helicopter on the planet. So if it's brand recognition you're after, you just found it.

The FH-1 is also extremely fast and maneuverable, especially for a helicopter. It doesn't match the speed of jets, obviously, but getting away from one of these beasties if they're onto you is no small feat. It's a lot more durable than other helicopters in the game, all of which are often criticized for being made of paper and spit.

You can customize the Hunter with a number of upgrades, as well as a two-tone livery where the nose can be styled independently of the rest of the vehicle.

You're going to have to pay a hefty price for such a hard hitting helicopter - the Hunter costs GTA$ 4,123,000 full price, and will set you back GTA$ 3,100,000 at discount (more than a million cheaper is a huge discount).

Instead of adding yet another Adversary Mode like Rockstar usually does every second week, this time around we got a different type of gameplay addition. Back when Transform Races was first released, it was also announced that a second wave of tracks will be coming sometime later.

That "sometime later" is now, as 16 new Transform racetracks have been added to GTA Online alongside the Hunter. To get players to try these out, Rockstar applied the weekly double RP and GTA$ promo to this game-mode. Not only is this a great earning opportunity, but also a chance to try out some of the game's more expensive vehicles.

Rockstar swung back to the tradition of bringing limited edition outfit options as log-in rewards during weekly events, something they did quite often some years back. This time around players are rewarded with an exclusive Jock Cranley jumpsuit.

In terms of sales, car nuts are being catered to this week with 25% a huge number of upgrades. The Progen Tyrus and Dewbauchee Rapid GT are also discounted, but the wide array of upgrades ranging from spoilers through engines to suspension is the main attraction here.

We're nearing the tail end of November, so soon we should start hearing about what Rockstar plans to do with GTA Online during the holiday season, as well as when to expect snow to blanket the virtual streets of Los Santos.


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