How The Hulkbuster Iron Man Armor Arrived for GTA Online

JulioNIB is a well known name around these parts. He has adapted the iconic vehicles, gadgets and weaponized humanoid exo-skeletal armor suits of previous GTA games and other intellectual properties. He's responsible for the addition of the legendary jetpack (of GTA: San Andreas fame) that players have been looking for in GTA V since it launched. The fabled jetpack is allegedly the reward for unraveling the mystery of Mount Chiliad's strange UFO phenomena. Julio's other famous creation of the Just Cause 2 grappling hook, giving players an all new method of traversing Los Santos and Blaine County. Most recently, the Brazilian modder has magicked the Mark III Iron Man suit into the world of GTA V, allowing players to fly around, send cars into the air with a single punch, and fire the suit's signature unibeam.

Now, Julio has delivered an upgrade to the Iron Man mod, by releasing a separate mod for the massive Hulkbuster armor, as seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron. This variant of the iconic red-gold exo-suit is extremely bulky and heavily armored, as it was designed to be deployed against the Incredible Hulk in the case that he goes out of control, which happened in the film, where it is shown that despite Tony Stark's best efforts, the special armor still had difficulty in subduing the green beast.

The GTA V version of the armor is significantly smaller than its big-screen counterpart, however it still proves to be an imposing sight among the squishy mortals of Los Santos. The Hulkbuster armor can fly, fire volleys of missiles, pick up and throw vehicles, and slam into the ground from the air. It is also extremely durable, since the thing is designed to go toe-to-toe with the freaking Hulk. If you feel like you're in the mood for a bit of wanton destruction, then this is the mod for you! Will you be trying out the Hulkbuster in GTA V? Let us know!

Aron Gerencser
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