How to unlock the Service Carbine Rifle (M16) in GTA Online

GTA Online is riddled with random events and collectibles. There is enough content for players to sink in hundreds of hours and still be left with more to do.

Rockstar Games has once again given players a new collectible that has been out for quite some time. Unfortunately, many thought it would be added during the game's inception over a decade ago, but that was not to be.

We're talking about the Service Carbine rifle, also known as the M-16, which has been added now, nearly a decade after GTA 5's original release. It was originally used in the game's promotional art and is now available for players to use in GTA Online.

Rockstar Games has added two possible methods for players to obtain the new weapon. The first is by purchasing it from the agency by spending almost a quarter of a million dollars. And the second is to go on a hunt for the five gun pieces that are scattered across the map.

In this guide, we will discuss both the methods in detail and how you can obtain this weapon. While the purchasing method is straightforward and a much better route for veteran players, it is more complex for newer players due to their likely lack of in-game money.

So, for newer players, we recommend hunting for the components and then assembling their free Service Carbine.

Purchasing Service Carbine

The Service Carbine, or the M16, is easily bought from your Agency's Requisition Officer. You can find him on the second floor of the Agency building.

Unfortunately, you need to purchase the Agency to unlock the Requisitions Officer. This basically makes the Service Carbine even more expensive. This is because not only are you paying for the Agency to get the weapons shop, but also paying for the weapon itself. And none of the Agencies are available for less than $2 million.

You can purchase the Service Carbine rifle for $370,000 from the Requisitions Officer. Note that in the image it shows $351,500 because of a 5% discount that was on-going at the time.

Crime Scenes

Rockstar Games added a new collectible event in GTA Online. In this event, you will get a Crime Scene and need to eliminate the cops in order to then search for the weapon part at the Crime Scene.

You need to get this event five times to collect all five parts. The parts are the Receiver, Magazine, Barrel, Scope, and Sights. The parts you get every time are random, but you won't get repeating parts if you've already collected one previously.

You will get a blue dot on your map when you are near a Crime Scene. You can approach the scene and will see a blue highlighted area considered a restricted area.

As soon as you enter the area, the two cops at the scene will start shooting at you. There are always two cops. One of the cops is guarding the scene while the other is investigating.

After taking them both out, go to the spot where the cop was investigating, and you will see one of the five Service Carbine components. Pick it up, and the event will end. However, killing the cops will raise your wanted level to three. Escape the cops afterward.


For this event to occur, you must be in the lobby for at least 20 minutes. Luckily, you can do this easily by logging into an invite-only session and staying in the lobby for 20 minutes before you can hunt for the components.

We highly suggest not doing this in a public session since some players have reported waiting up to an hour or two before encountering this random event again. If you get the crime scene in an invite-only session, you only need to start a new invite-only session and wait for another 20 minutes before you can hunt for another crime scene.


There are ten possible random event locations where crime scenes can occur. Luckily, we've got all the locations here, so you won't have to worry about finding them.

We highly recommend using a fast vehicle, something like a VIP Buzzard or an Oppressor Mark II is good enough.

For each component, you are rewarded GTA$5,000 and 2,000 RP. And for collecting all five, you get an additional GTA$50,000. So, in total you will earn GTA$75,000 and a free Service Carbine rifle.

The following are the ten possible locations where this event can occur. Please note that all the locations have similar setting. You can also refer to our interactive map and look filter for 'Crime Scene' to see the locations.

Location #1

Alta Street in Strawberry.

Location #2

Abbatoire Avenue in Elysian Island.

Location #3

East Vinewood.

Location #4

West Vinewood.

Location #5

Magellan Avenue At Del Perro Beach.

Location #6

Behind the store in Banham Canyon.

Location #7

On the roof of a Liquor store in Alamo Sea.

Location #8

Next to some trailers at Ron Alternates Wind Farm.

Location #9

Behind Alamo Fruit Market at Grapeseed.

Location #10

In the backyard of a house in Paleto Bay.


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