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How to spawn a rare modded Dubsta 2 in GTA Online


Grand Theft Auto 5 and its online counterpart, GTA Online, are renowned for featuring some of the most unique and customizable cars in the entire GTA franchise. The array of vehicles has grown over the years, serving casual players and die-hard racing fanatics alike. However, there's one thing that hasn't changed: the more you drive a specific car, the more often you'll see it around.

This fun little feature has unintentionally become a key part of the GTA experience, and is even noticeable in classics like Vice City, San Andreas, and GTA 3. It's also sparked its fair share of internet memes.


Ever had a moment in real life when you start seeing duplicates of the same vehicle everywhere? That's pretty much how it works in GTA. Drive around in a specific car and you'll see more of them popping up all over the city. If you want to test it out for yourself, spawn a vehicle using a cheat from our cheat codes library and go for a drive. Within a minute, you'll see the same car on the road.

Rockstar seems to have toned down this feature a bit over time, but you can still spot it in action while playing GTA 5 and GTA Online. It's especially noticeable in GTA 5's story mode, but there are also places in GTA Online where you can game the system a bit to spawn a specific vehicle. However, your options are a bit limited.

The Dubsta 2

In GTA Online, one popular vehicle is the modded Dubsta 2. Players can find it in Los Santos, and after getting their hands on one, they can head to another location where more Dubsta 2s should theoretically appear, because they're already driving one, and because of the phenomenon we described above. This method was once a handy way of making money, especially for new players.

Previously, to spawn a Dubsta, you had to find a modded Dubsta 2 first to generate more. But, thanks to the Diamond Casino Heist update, you can now spawn one without needing to find it first.

This guide will help you find a modded Dubsta 2 in GTA Online. You can do it in both public and private sessions, but we suggest a private session as other players might interfere with the spawn algorithm. Plus, considering the griefers of GTA Online, better safe than sorry!

How to get a Modded Dubsta 2

First, make your way to Los Santos Customs in Burton. This is the most famous LS Customs, right in the heart of Los Santos.

Look around the parking lot of LS Customs and ensure there are no vehicles parked in the area. If you don't see any vehicles, you're good to go. But, if you do see one or more, either destroy them or simply crash into them with another vehicle in order to misplace them. This makes the game think that the vehicle is no longer "present" in the area and will delete the vehicle once we go through the steps below.

After that, call Ms. Baker of the Diamond Casino and use her Car Service to order a Dubsta. If you do not have Ms. Baker's contact, you need to head over to the Diamond Casino and order a MacBeth Whiskey Shot at the main bar of the Casino or inside your Penthouse. Note that for this random event to happen, you must own a Penthouse in the Casino. Keep taking shots until you pass out and wake up at a random location. Continue to do this until you get a call from Agatha Baker. After the call, she will be added as a contact in your phone.

After ordering the Dubsta from Ms. Baker, get inside the vehicle and follow the route from point A to point B, as shown in the image below. This is roughly four blocks of loop which you must make and return to LS Customs.

Once you're near LS Customs, slow down and look slightly to your left. Simply move your camera slightly to the left before you turn right into the LS Customs alleyway. As you can see in the image below, we are near the LS Customs alleyway, but looking slightly to the left.

You can turn right and look through the alleyway once you're parallel to the alleyway (or the sign). It doesn't have to be perfect. Feel free to refer to our video guide above to see how to do it effectively.

When you turn right into the alleyway or the parking lot of LS Customs, you should see a parked modded Dubsta 2. If you do not see it, repeat the process. It can take up to 20 tries, 10 tries, or a single try. But it always works, eventually. We managed to spawn the car in a single try.

Also, ensure that the in-game time is past 8 A.M. The car has a higher chance of spawning between 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. If you still don't see a vehicle after several tries, start a new private session and repeat.

If you do not like the color of the spawned vehicle go ahead and repeat the route. When you return to LS Customs, there is a chance for a different colored modded Dubsta 2 to spawn. Also, if you want to keep the car for yourself and save it in your garage, put a tracker on it by going into LS Customs.


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  1. @FragMaster2000,
    It can't hurt! I know someone that has similar issues and Rockstar sorted it. You just have to be patient cause sometimes it can take them forever to respond.

  2. @PVP_Prowler,
    Apparently, some other people were saying my menu is glitched or something on my save. I did test this and it seems to be working fine on PC. I might see if Rockstar and refresh the account or something if possible.

  3. @FragMaster2000,
    It should work but since there was another update, who knows what could have been broken. Each time we have a new update that is sizable, they always break something.

  4. I just did this and it worked for me. Just this passed week. It took 4 tries of blacking out and I got the call. I did mess up though and forget to make sure the parking lot was vacant. But it doesn't seem to have mattered or it was without me checking for it.

  5. @PVP_Prowler,
    Idk if we were doing it wrong or something but the option to call the vehicle was not on the menu. Like after you set up the club and everything. I am going to look it over again tonight. I plan on grinding all weekend so I have some money to spend for the update next week.

  6. @FragMaster2000,
    A friend of mine did it with me a few months ago. It worked for him just the same. Give it a try. It doesn't take long to set things up using this method. I heard of people calling the vehicle in for a friend and letting them use it too, and it worked. The Dubsta 2 was parked where it should be.

  7. It took me awhile to actually get the penthouse but even then, ordering the drink and getting smashed on it didn't trigger the call for me. I tried idk how many times. This was a few months ago.

  8. So I attempted several blackout sessions to no avail. To confirm, you do need a penthouse or don't? I don't have one. Something I did overlook was a car being parked in LS Customs. I did get rid of it and tried again but it still didn't work.

  9. @PVP_Prowler,
    Has anyone done this recently?

    I still don't have this vehicle and want it but I don't have a penthouse either. I have tried the drinking game and she never calls. I must have attempted it 10 times last night and just gave up.

  10. @bsup68,
    Hey Bsup, you do need a Penthouse as it is a pre-requisite to get the Casino jobs. I've just updated the guide to better reflect this. Hpoe this helps!

  11. I got it through the motorcycle club. You set up a club and invite a friend. You want to be a road captain and then you can access the ability to spawn in the dubsta. I found this one out by accident. I don't know if this still works as I did this back in 2021 I think but it might!

  12. No I don't have a penthouse(not yet at least) but the guide suggest is possible without the penthouse.
    Tried a lot over the weekend, but could it be that i'm trying on an invite sesion or that i'm not registreet as CEO/VIP/MC President?

  13. @bsup68,
    Do you have a penthouse? I must have done it like 7 or 8 times at the casino and never got the call but it worked the first try at my penthouse. I am not sure why this is.

  14. Getting the Ms. Baker contact with the MacBeth Whiskey shot(mentioned in the guide), how random is that 'cause I tried quite some times yesterday with no luck, so I wonder if i'm missing something in the proces.

    I log on GTA Online -> Get one of my cars -> Drive to Casino -> Walks in to the bar and order a MacBeth -> passes out and wake up random places.

  15. Going to try this. I have tried a few other methods that seemed to be debunked as not working.

    I will report back if I have any issues. How many different colors does the Dubsta 2 come in? I mostly only see black or tan.

  16. @digitalDrifter_21,
    I don't think anything changed but who knows. One little change can make things different. I actually found this place through this guide and it does in fact work! I am just trying to get a fun collection of cars going for my one account. It has been fun finding them and detailing them.

  17. I was wondering how people got this. I was following a different guide I found on YouTube and it didn't work. I wonder if it was an older way of getting it that was updated? Not a clue but I am going to see if I can get one tonight. I thought it would be a lot more difficult than this.

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