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How To Make GTA V Family Friendly


It is a well known fact that GTA V is a violent, immoral, violent, graphic, violent, excessive, violent, brutal, violent, visceral and violent game. Add to that, it features themes of alcoholism, drug abuse, violence, sexual content, murder, crime, violence and theft. You might imagine that most parents, politicians and rating officials aren't too keen on having small children get their hands on a controller while GTA V is in the console.

However, there are ways to turn GTA V into a nice'n'fluffy little game that is suitable for the smaller members of the family.

Well, not really.

Ever considered that it is possible to physically mod games? It is a simple concept really, but people rarely consider it. Now, by physically modding we don't mean manually scratching your own indents into the disc, because that would obviously screw things up (don't look like that, some people out there would genuinely try), but rather augmenting your gaming experience by altering your environment.

Sure, the following is just a joke video about how GTA V can be a child-friendly dog-simulator by riding a bike in first person, muting the game and listening to ambient dog sounds, but the method carries surprisingly many possibilities.

As stupid as all this might seem, the method depicted in the video is the basis of augmented reality. Using the variable ambient environmental factors outside the game to control or alter the game itself, as used with the AR cards on the PSVita, for example, is the much more advanced version of the very preliminary method shown in the video.

It might seem absurd to read so much into one silly video, however usually the greatest of inventions start out with the humblest of beginnings (granted, this isn't the beginning of AR, but you get the sentiment). Do you change the lighting conditions or anything in your gaming environment while you play GTA?


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