How to get the WM 29 pistol in GTA Online - Die Hard Christmas Event Guide

Rockstar has added a new random event and a collectible in GTA Online as part of their ongoing Christmas Event. The new random event is inspired by the 1988 Die Hard movie, where the event activities are directly taken from one of the famous scenes of the Die Hard movie.

Weazel Plaza Shootout Featured

The event is completely random, and if you manage to trigger the event, you can walk away with a new exclusive WM 29 Pistol. This pistol is not obtainable otherwise. However, a couple of requirements must be met to trigger the event.

The WM 29 Pistol is inspired by the Heckler & Koch P7 pistol that Hans Gruber, the main antagonist, used in the movie.


Hans Gruber With Hk P

You can trigger the event in any session, including private and public sessions. The event takes place on the roof of the Weazel Plaza building. The Weazel Plaza building imitates the Nakatomi Plaza building seen during the scene in the Die Hard movie.

Weazel Plaza Location Map

Weazel Plaza At Day Time

For this event to trigger, you must be in a session for at least 20 minutes. Only after that will you have a chance of triggering the event. If the event doesn't trigger for you, try creating a new solo session or going into a public lobby. Once you've joined, you must wait for at least 20 minutes.

Another important requirement is always staying within 400 meters of the Weazel Plaza. If you're out of the 400-meter range, the event won't trigger. It only triggers between 8 P.M and 6 A.M (20:00 and 6:00) in-game time.

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As soon as the clock hits 20:00, start driving toward the plaza, and you might just get lucky. As mentioned, the event takes place on the plaza's roof, so you will need a flying vehicle to reach the top. You can get a Buzzard or an Oppressor MK2 if you have one. You will see a red dot appear on your mini-map when the event is triggered.

Weazel Plaza Location Map

You will find a couple of criminals in a shootout with the cops. One of the criminals will be wearing a beige suit. He represents Hans Gruber from the Die Hard movie. This is the character carrying the WM 29 Pistol.

Hans Gruber Gta Online Shootout

Eliminate him, and go to his body. You will get a prompt to collect the pistol. Once you've collected it, it will be available for customization in all the ammu-nation stores.

Wm Pistol Collected

Some players have reported getting the event as soon as they enter another lobby by first setting their spawn location to the "last location." This is because some players might have already triggered the event before you joined the session.

In some cases, it might be useful for you. If you find that the event is already triggered and the enemies on the roof are dead, approach the beige suit character's body. If you get a prompt to collect the weapon, then congratulations, you're one of the lucky ones.

Some players leave the body as it bugs out for them after hours of waiting and trying to collect the pistol.

This event is not unique and can trigger even after you've collected the WM 29 pistol. However, after the first time, you will only be able to collect a wallet with $25,000 every time you eliminate the thugs and collect the wallet.

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