How to get the Minigun in GTA Online & GTA 5 Story Mode

The Minigun is one of the most dominating weapons you can wield in GTA 5 and GTA Online. Packing an absurd rate of fire and huge ammo capacity, this gun can quickly annihilate groups of enemies.

In this guide, we'll go over the various methods to acquire the Minigun (aka the Gatling Gun), both temporarily and permanently, in story mode and GTA Online.

Fort Zancudo

Fort Zancudo is one of the most infamous locations to obtain the minigun. This method only works for story mode as it has been patched in GTA Online. However, it is quite difficult to get to the weapon as it rests at the top of a tower at Fort Zancudo.

Fort Zancudo is a military base, and you instantly get a 5-star wanted level as soon as you step foot inside the fort. Fortunately, if you die AFTER collecting the weapon, you will respawn with the weapon. So, all you have to worry about is getting to the weapon.

First, make your way to Fort Zancudo's main entrance.

The tower you need to go to can be seen from the main entrance of Fort Zancudo as seen in the image above. That is called Fort Zancudo Tower 1.

When you go through the boom barrier, you need to turn right and you will find the entrance to the tower directly ahead of you. It will have the name of the tower with green double doors.

You will find a metal detector to your left when you enter. Go through it and continue to the next door leading to the stairs.

You need to go up six floors until you reach a door to your left. Go through the door and you will see a Minigun on the floor.

Now, if the army officers manage to kill you at this point, you do not have to worry. In fact, death is an easier way out of the fort! So, let one of the army men eliminate you, and you will spawn at the nearest hospital with your Minigun.

If you need more ammo, you're in luck. The Minigun will respawn again after some time. You can always return to stock up on Miningun ammo. Also, if you do not care about Achievements, you can activate the invincibility cheat and run up and down to spawn the Minigun and collect it constantly.


The second method to obtaining the Minigun is very simple. Just purchase it from any Ammu-Nation store! You can purchase it in both story mode and GTA Online. But, there are some requirements.

  • Story Mode
  • If you want to purchase the minigun in story mode, you must complete the 46th main mission called 'The Paleto Score' for it to become available. This is quite far into the story, so you might want to grab one from Fort Zancudo before then.

    Once available, you can purchase it for $15,000 from any Ammu-Nation outlets.

  • Online Mode
  • In GTA Online, you can purchase the Minigun for $47,000 after you reach rank 120.


The final method of obtaining the Minigun revolves around getting it from your Facility in GTA Online. This method only works in GTA Online and for a single session. Once you leave a session or start a new one, you will lose your Minigun. You will also need to buy the Security upgrade for your Facility.

First, go to your Facility.

When you're inside, go through the security checkpoint that takes you to the main bedroom and other rooms.

You will find the Minigun inside the security booth.

You can go around the back and through the doors to collect the Minigun.

This is a good way to get a temporary Minigun only if you own a Facility with the Security upgrade. However, it does end up being the most expensive way of obtaining a Minigun (around $1.7 million), which is not even a permanent unlock for you.

As it is not permanently unlocked through this method, you can also collect a Minigun if your friend owns a Facility with the Security upgrade. You can enter their Facility and grab a Minigun for yourself.


Purchasing the Minigun or braving Fort Zancudo are your best options for permanent access in GTA Online. The Facility method works temporarily if needed. Now, get out there and start shredding enemies with this beastly weapon!


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