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How to get a free Apocalypse ZR380 in GTA Online

A Mad Max type of vehicle is perfect for a game like GTA Online where wanton chaos isn't just common but expected.

In a storm of revving engines and a blaze of chrome, the new GTA+ Month has ignited the streets of Los Santos from August 17th to September 14th.

Packed with freebies and bonuses, this month will, once again, redefine the term "exclusive" for the GTA+ members.

For automotive aficionados, the centerpiece this month is the formidable Annis Apocalypse ZR380 sports car. Adored for its irresistible merger of unprecedented speed, unparalleled handling, and an almost diabolical hunger for diesel fuel, the ZR380 takes a lot of the very best aspects of your dream sports car and injected them with a very heavy dose of chaos.

This demented Arena variant of the beloved Annis sports car is engineered not just for a day at the track, but for an apocalypse. It's the kind of vehicle Mad Max might eye enviously.

Non-members, prepare to feel a pinch, as this beast is tagged at a whopping $2,138,640. However, if you're a GTA+ member, it's your lucky month. GTA+ members will be able to harness this mechanical beast free of cost by simply going to the Legendary Motorsport in-game website. There, the Annis Apocalypse ZR380 stands tall, flaunting a "FREE" tag exclusively for the GTA+ elite. Moreover, for those who want to see this beauty up close and in the metal, it's on display at the Vinewood Car Club and Arena War in-game website till September 13.

Rockstar Games received a lot of flack for introducing a new way to monetize GTA Online, but GTA+ has been a success so far.

This month's bounty isn't just about roaring engines. It extends its embrace to the lovers of color and design.

Chameleon Paints are taking the limelight: the Soft Pink Pearl Chameleon Paint for vehicles as well as the Anodized Burgundy Pearl and Dark Holographic Chameleon Wheel Paints to be more specific. This splash of art is available at every Auto Shop or Vehicle Workshop. To GTA+ Members, they come as another complimentary perk, perfectly positioned in the Chameleon Color Group, waiting to be picked for free.

Arena War enthusiasts, there's more in store for you - step into the Maze Bank Arena and dive deep into the Arena War Series. Ready to take your war machine to the next level? Bring your eligible rides to the Arena Workshop (which, by the way, is free for all GTA+ members this month, a steal from its original price of $995,000) and fortify them with specialized modifications at half the price. From the deadly Arena Vehicle Armor Plating and War Vehicle Weapons to the intimidating Arena Bodyworks, this is the ultimate playground for those with a thirst for vehicular combat.

For those who believe in making a statement, the wardrobe just expanded. The Fist Fury outfit (an exclusive for the ladies), the iconic Love Fist Tee, and the Love Fist Flannel are now part of the collection. These are not mere clothing pieces; they are an ode to the tumultuous history of Scottish heavy metal, a statement of allegiance, and they're automatically added to every GTA+ Member's wardrobe.

But wait, there's more. If the very idea of celestial carnage excites you, you have a chance to gear up with a 50% discount on Arena War Outfits ranging from the dramatic Bodysuits and Space Creature Suits to the majestic Astronaut Suits.

The constant addition of new content via the free updates and GTA+ exclusive additions have made it easier to look forward to every week and month in GTA Online.

Of course, the benefits of GTA+ membership aren't just restricted to these goodies. Every month, members enjoy a bonus of GTA$500,000, among other persistent perks. From the reduced wait times for the Downtown Cab Co.'s fast-travel option to free VIP and CEO Vehicle Requests and Abilities. Not to forget, special GTA+ Shark Cards with an extra 15% bonus GTA$.

Finally, GTA+ members can enjoy 2X GTA$, RP, and Arena Points on Arena War Series and 2X GTA$, RP, and Goods on Business Battles.

The message is loud and clear: if you're a GTA+ Member, this is your month of unbridled extravagance and adventure. And if you aren't, maybe it's time to rethink your gaming priorities. Los Santos awaits, with its arms wide open and its streets roaring with opportunities.


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  1. Is there any way to still get this? I missed out on it when it was part of the free deal. I was not able to play and had to contact Rockstar. I waited almost 10 days before they responded and was not able to get it. I am so bummed out.

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