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How To Convince Your Parents To Let You Play GTA V

We all know that GTA V very well deserves that 18+ rating (or "M", depending on where you're from). There's plenty of killing, stealing, destroying, burning, thieving, murdering, and a whole lot of other verbs that are less than savory. There's blood, gore, swearing, and full frontal nudity. Generally, it isn't a great idea to let young children play this sort of game. Not because it turns them into criminal psychopaths when they grow up (which is BS), but because they'll have plenty of time to enjoy mature fiction once they're grown up. They really should have a childhood, and a chance to enjoy the things they wouldn't once they're older.

However, sometimes kids are a little ahead of their peers on the learning curve. Sometimes they want to get a piece of the fun which many others they look up to are partaking in. Some kids just want to play games with their favorite cousin.

So what does a 13 year old, determined to play GTA V despite the mature themes, do to convince his parents?

13yo just presented us his case for GTA 5.

Make a PowerPoint presentation, of course! Now, don't roll your eyes. It actually worked.

He had us three slides in, but we made a good show of reticence.

The mother of the child, who undoubtedly will have a successful career in politics, posted the full presentation on Imgur to provide budding GTA fans across the globe with inspiration on how to negotiate an agreement with their parents ... one which gives them the license to consume an entertainment product intended for a much older audience.

The kid is certainly dedicated, and with this sort of diplomatic approach, we bet he could talk down griefers in freemode and turn them into productive members of the GTA Online community simply through the microphone.

Do you guys know any youngsters who are mentally mature enough for GTA V?


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