What is GTA 5's HushSmush?

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been out for over a decade and surpassed all expectations. The game has continued to strive for years with consistent and constant dev support, and additional content.

GTA 5 features several events and elements inspired by real-life elements, including buildings, locations, certain NPCs, and also activities. These activities include playing golf, racing and tennis, as well as dating, amongst others.

GTA 5 also includes a fully-fledged internet browser that you can use for different purposes, such as managing your in-game money, buying vehicles, buying apartments, or simply browsing to find funny easter eggs.


One such browsing activity is HushSmush. HushSmush.com is an online dating site in GTA 5. The site has limited functionality, with players paying a GTA$500 fee to access it (the fee is applicable only to men, women can browse the site for free) and then being able to browse through the profiles it contains.

HushSmush serves no functional purpose, but is a humorous easter egg included by Rockstar Games. In fact, HushSmush is Rockstar's take on the real-life Ashley Madison dating website, which was created for married people looking to find mistresses and secret lovers.

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You can access HushSmush by going through your in-game phone's browser. First, bring up your phone and go to the internet browser. In the search bar, type in hushsmush.com, and you will land on the site's homepage. The homepage also contains descriptions and facts about marriages and secret affairs, similar to what Ashley Madison's dating site shows on its homepage.

Interestingly, you can find Michael's wife, Amanda De Santa, on HushSmush. While the profile itself doesn't feature her name and image, the profile description confirms it is her.

The profile in question, which has the username Foxymama21, comes with a description that states they like yoga, act like someone 20 years younger, have two kids, and that their husband sits by the pool all day ignoring them. All that points to Amanda's lifestyle, and the husband in question perfectly fits the description of Michael, too.

What's more, an unused image of "Foxymama21", below, was found in the game's PC files, confirming that Foxymama21 is indeed Amanda De Santa. The leaked pic is a selfie of Amanda.

For unknown reasons, Rockstar removed access to HushSmush when playing GTA Online as part of its February 2019 update. Now, when you try to type the URL and enter in GTA Online, it gives an error. However, you can still access HushSmush in Story Mode.

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