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Hone Your GTA Online Sniping Skills With Community Jobs


It's time for Rockstar to once again officially endorse a fresh batch of fan-made GTA Online jobs. Every so often Rockstar uses it's proprietary news platform, the Newswire, to bring attention to the best of the best when it comes to community created activities. Sometimes they have a theme such as that time when throwback jobs for The Warriors were on the menu. Sometimes they're just the best stuff that Rockstar staff could find. The theme this time around is Sniping and accuracy.


PC players can test their target tracking skills with Snipers vs. Speed Boats, an LTS where one group is perched on a ledge with heavy snipers while another comes at them on boats.

Sniper fanatics on PS4 have quite the challenge to look forward to in Hunting Season. This LTS features a group of runners who need to cross a kill zone into safety while snipers are tasked with picking them off.

For something unique you'll need to be playing on PS3. Headshot Addiction places players atop windmills, the blades of which can deflect shots so timing is crucial to success. Whether beginner or expert marksman, this deathmatch is perfectly suited to sharpen your aim.

Don't let the name of the Xbox One sniper job mistake you. Holes of Glory is a tight, up-close and personal CQC sniping LTS. This here isn't real 'sniping' in terms of tracking targets at long range and waiting for the perfect shot. This game mode is geared towards twitch reflexes and quick-scoping or no-scoping.


Xbox 360 players will need to plan ahead in Sniper Tragedy I: Atk/Def. This strategic job places one team in a fortified location with limited ammo, while giving another team massive firepower and vehicles, but puts them right out in the open.

How good a GTA Online sniper are you?


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