Holiday Festivities Arrive To GTA Online

The holiday season is upon us and the festivities have made their way to Los Santos. Decorations line the landmarks of the game world, snow will soon blanket the city and Grand Theft Auto Online players can expect a wide array of gifts and goodies being thrown their way. There's a new car, too!

While it can't fit into a stocking, the new Grotti Furia is definitely a perfect Christmas present for the car-lover in your life. The elegant supercar has been frankensteined together from various recent Ferrari designs and follows that famous design language.


Its performance isn't anything to sneeze at either. The Furia is an ample racing vehicle which can go toe to toe with the best in the hands of a skilled driver. Being a fast, modern supercar means having a fast, modern supercar price to pay. The Grotti Furia can be yours today for GTA$ 2,740,000.

GTA Online players can also expect some gift packages on the 24th and 25th of December. On Tuesday, everyone will get a free Fireworks Launcher and ammo, as well as a Green Reindeer Lights Bodysuit among other surprises, but the real treat will arrive on Christmas Day.

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On the 25th you can unwrap your present to find a fully decked out Invade and Persuade RC Tank, which has been weaponized and upgraded for you by Warstock. Anyone who logs into the game by the 1st of January will also get additional rewards such as sweaters and pajamas. The Deck the Halls livery can be yours for simply logging in through the 25th of December!

There will be two vehicles on offer at the Diamond's Lucky Wheel in the coming days. Through the 24th, you can win the Ocelot Ardent sporting the Deck the Halls livery, and on Christmas Day the Vapid Clique adorned with the Merry Cliquemas livery will replace it.

The holidays also mean frivolous spending fuelled by discounts and GTA Online is no exception. Bunkers, Hangars, Facilities, Clubhouses, Businesses and Offices are all half-price throughout the season, and some of the most popular vehicles have been discounted by 40% and 30%.

To offset all the holiday cheer, a significantly darker turn of events are also afoot. A new serial killer is active in Blaine County, carrying out a series of brutal executions with an antique revolver. Find the killer, find the gun - by completing this new Murder Mystery, you'll unlock the Navy Revolver in both GTA Online and Red Dead Online! Once you have the gun, you can complete a kills challenge for RP and GTA$.


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