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Hidden GTA V Car Upgrades Hint At DLC?

While Rockstar may have GTA Online covered DLC-wise for April, what lies beyond is still a mystery. Following this month's one-a-week lowrider release schedule, some players feel that after the Sabre GT, there should be a break from updates to Benny's Original Motorworks - but this doesn't mean that vehicle customization should be shelved as well. There have been plenty of DLC ideas floating around fan discussion boards which would give Rockstar plenty to jump off from. But what if they've already have things planned out?

A player recently uncovered (most likely through a trainer) some hidden modifications to the LSPD Vapid Cruiser. Neither the police nor civil variants can be owned by players or taken to Los Santos Customs, however the GTA V game files prove that the vehicle was at least intended to be customized.

While we've known of similar hidden modifications for other vehicles - including planes, the paint-jobs of which could have been altered - this one is new, which possibly means Rockstar has been sneaking in features of a future DLC well ahead of release to dodge data-miners and leaks.


While a Biker DLC for GTA Online is by far the most hotly requested, the massive success of the LSPDFR mod proves that there would certainly be an audience for police-related content. Of course, news of such a DLC would be pretty massive, which could be why Rockstar planned ahead and spread out pre-loads across months of other DLCs.

Then again, we might just be looking at cut content, however the customization range seems complete enough, so Rockstar really had no reason to cut it. A new corrupt cop/undercover cop update with new contact missions for a clandestine organisation within the LSPD (think HR from Person of Interest) would sure as hell satisfy players calling out for a more significant update.


Such a DLC would perfectly fit into the profile of the VIP mechanic of Executives and Other Criminals. Similarly to becoming a VIP, players could optionally go "undercover", unlocking new missions and abilities, plus the privilege of owning police vehicles. You could take heat off players, place heat on enemies, call in corrupt police back-up and the missions would revolve around taking control of the criminal underworld instead of prosecuting it.

Rockstar would surely gain some serious good karma points with the community if they dropped something like this. While a Police themed DLC isn't as widely requested as Biker DLC, it has been on the community wishlist for longer. Plus, making some Police items expensive would give players more variety in end-game items.


I'd buy a Shark Card out of principle if we could buy and modify police vehicles. Hell, I'd buy a Whale Shark Card just as a thank you if this ever happened.

It's clear that the idea resonates with players. Maybe the DLC could also contain that "Cops Vs. Robbers" Adversary Mode everyone's been hoping for ever since the competitive game modes were introduced?

Would you enjoy a dirty-cop themed GTA Online DLC?


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