Here’s Something New: R* Endorsed GTA 5 Playlists

Rockstar is an industry leader when it comes to community engagement, possibly second only to Star Citizen. With GTA V featuring numerous ways in which players can create fan content in relation to the game, it is clear that the community is extremely vibrant in this regard. Rockstar has taken to endorsing certain fan made videos, jobs and now activity playlists on the Rockstar Newswire, the developer’s own news platform.


Every now and then, where there are a few player made jobs on each GTA 5 platform, Rockstar posts these jobs on the Newswire. Now this tradition has been extended to playlists, where, instead of songs in the usual sense, players string jobs together to form a cohesive campaign. Be it artistic expression, humor or story-telling, these seemingly simple GTA Online playlists can accomplish a number of tasks. Rockstar has looked far and wide to find the most sublime community created playlists to grace the Newswire with and here is what they came up with!

Xbox players will be treated to 4 select races of the highest quality in the Z-Games Rallycross Tournament, which incrementally get more and more difficult as you progress. These races are made with only the most skilled of GTA Online drivers in mind, with plenty of nasty tricks hidden in them, requiring great expertise to master.

Playstation players will get to take part in a day of reckless fun in the To be Rich and Bored in LS playlist, which sees the bored teens of the dirty rich Lake Vinewood area getting up to no good to pass the time. These are a wide variety of jobs, covering the whole spectrum, and much like the spoiled kid of Los Santos, it will surely keep you occupied.

PC players will be able to participate in the aptly named PC Master Race, which features a number of unique races, be it in the air or on water. Will you guys be trying these playlists out?

Aron Gerencser
Aron is responsible for the bulk of the news posts that you’ll find on GTA BOOM each and every day. He loves getting involved with the community and is an avid fan of all things Rockstar Games. When not covering GTA news, playing an RPG or anything sci-fi related, Aron spends his time working on his novel.


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