Heist Month Continues With Doomsday GTA Online Bonuses

It's the second week of Heist Month in Grand Theft Auto Online, and a bunch of bonuses and freebies are here for dedicated players. We would have expected most of you to be off playing Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition, but based on the issues surrounding the launch of the remasters, we suspect Online's streets will be as busy as ever.

Gta Online . . Doomsday Heist

After a bit of a nostalgic throwback to the Heists that started it all last week, this time around The Doomsday Heist gets some time in the spotlight. Playing any Doomsday Scenario Finale will earn you double the usual RP and GTA$, and completing all three will land you a one-time bonus payout of GTA$ 500,000.

As far as freebies are concerned, completing any Doomsday Scenario Finale will unlock the exclusive Atomic Motorsport Livery for the Sultan RS Classic, whereas the Wasted! Tee will be added to every players' in-game wardrobe simply for logging in. The Banshee Racing Livery is also a log-in unlock, celebrating the car that's been in every GTA game since 3.


Another cycle of temporary content is back on the menu, this time bringing back Special Vehicle Races for the most skilled daredevils among you. Deluxo Special Vehicle Races are paying out 2x rewards all week, as are Vehicle Cargo and Special Vehicle Work missions. Meanwhile, those of you keen on upgrading your arsenal can take advantage of doubled Bunker research speeds.

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The famous fan favorite Karin Sultan RS Classic is this week's Prize Ride Challenge, while the Dinka RT3000, Vulcar Warrener HKR, and Annis Remus are the three vehicles you can take for a spin on the Test Track at the LS Car Meet. Over at The Diamond Casino and Resort, the Pfister Neon is spinning on the podium, waiting to be won at the Lucky Wheel.

Gta Online . . Special Vehicle Races

Not only has Bunker research been sped up, but MK II conversions and ammunition is  half-price all week, while the Facilities needed to partake in The Doomsday Heist and their upgrades are 40% off. Additionally, you can grab the Progen T20, the HVY Chernobog, the HVY Barrage, the Coil Raiden and a few other rides at a 35% discount.

Check back next week for more Heist themed goodies!


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