This Happens If Classic GTA Is Crossed With Syndicate

The true pop culture impact of a game can be best gauged by how many future creations it spawns and inspires. The first GTA game, based on this scale, has had immense cultural impact. Not only did it give birth to an immensely successful and long-running video game franchise that has been one of the strongest pillars of the industry, but it inspired countless other games as well. Two more recent examples which couldn't wash the touch of GTA off were Hotline Miami and Retro City Rampage.

Both of those games took significant inspiration from GTA, mimicking not only the setting and mentality, but gameplay and atmosphere of it as well to some extent. What happens, however, when a game tries to mix the GTA formula with something entirely different from it, both in terms of setting and feel?

The example we sought to compare Tokyo 42, an upcoming game developed by Mode 7, was Syndicate, but other games like Deus Ex or Shadowrun would also fit the bill. Tokyo 42 is what happens when you take classic GTA and give it a sci-fi cyberpunk coat of paint. Rockstar may have abandoned the idea of GTA: Tokyo, but this is pretty close.


The game is an open-world, isometric assassination game - open world: check, perspective: kinda check, crime: check - set in a futuristic Tokyo. The player controls a robot designed specifically to snuff out the life of certain individuals. We must navigate the convoluted criminal underworld of the city while avoiding the police, corrupt and otherwise.

Take out the sci-fi bits of that and it reads like the synopsis of a good old GTA game. The colorful world of Tokyo 42 belies its sinister nature. The game blends brutal action and shootouts with sneaky stealth sections and an outfit-stealing mechanic to avoid guards - which is reminiscent of Hitman.


We might be referencing known game franchises which were in some way similar to Tokyo 42, however this is shaping up to be one of the most original and inspired games of recent times. It has recognizable elements, however there isn't anything quite like it around. The game will also feature PvP multiplayer modes for friends to try out their assassination skills against one another. If everything goes as planned, Tokyo 42 will launch sometime in 2017.

Fans of the 2D GTA games are bound to have fun with this. Are you looking forward to Tokyo 42, or are you only interested in Rockstar's franchise?

Aron Gerencser
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