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We just posted ten new screenshots, now as promised here’s an easy to read summary of all the juicy details revealed in today’s hands-on previews.

What’s your favorite feature?


  • The general “vibe” is that Rockstar has taken all the best elements from all of its games and included them in GTA V.
  • If you’re walking normally it will be quite slow.
  • The framerate is pretty solid and there was no stuttering when switching between characters.
  • The flying under bridges achievements are back (from GTA IV). There is 50 to do.
  • Grove Street (from GTA: San Andreas) is back.
  • Every single shop front in the game is unique!
  • There is a lot more destructible objects/environments in GTA V. Things like gas cylinders, motor cars and fuel tanks can all be used to your advantage, including in missions.
  • Small things like animals yelping when hit and neon signs buzzing are included.
  • The map is open from the start.


  • The main NPCs have literally thousands of different animations.
  • Chop is actually Lamar’s dog, not Franklin’s, and he can be used to distract enemies.
  • Franklin has immediate access to a lot of high-end vehicles immediately thanks to Simeon’s dealership.
  • Each character has his own “hang-out” area. Franklin in the ghetto, Michael in the business district and Trevor in the Wastelands.
  • Health will re-generate automatically to a maximum of 50% only.
  • A colored flash means that you are about to be switched to a different character. Blue means Michael, Green means Franklin and Orange means Trevor.

Weapons and Combat


  • Miniguns are so powerful they can annihilate a vehicle pretty much instantly.
  • Some Ammu-Nation stores are open at night.
  • The weapons wheel has a number of sub-categories within it. You select the type of weapon you want first and then cycle between the different weapons themselves.
  • Weapon customization options include the power, gauge levels and rate of fire.
  • Every weapon you pick up is stored in the wheel forever, you will always be able to select it, even if you get busted, die or run out of ammo. The maximum weapon estimate is 14.
  • AI will sometimes move around and change position to get a better shot at you.
  • You can give weapons to the other protagonists.


  • Each vehicle has unique handling and performance and you can turn it’s engine off.
  • Midnight Club: Los Angeles has been used as the basis for the racing elements in GTA 5.
  • You can drive trains.
  • If you lose a saved vehicle (ie it’s abandoned or destroyed) you can recover it from the local impound lot (for a fee).
  • Helicopter controls are pretty much as they were in GTA IV.
  • There are four different in-vehicle views plus a cinematic mode.
  • Other drivers will flip you off if you hit them, and pedestrians have varied reactions to car-jackings and other types of driving.
  • Car crashes often leave trails of fuel, which can be used later to blow up the cars fully. When they do blow-up, it’s very realistic.



  • Some mission names include “Derailed”, “Nervous Ron” and “Vinewood Babylon” and one mission involves breaking out of FIB HQ.
  • There could be a number of different ways to successfully complete a mission.
  • There are mission checkpoints and all missions can be replayed.
  • Whatever was happening at the end of a mission will also continue when you move into free roam (like exploded cars etc). The world does not reset.
  • You will need to make split-second decisions.


  • If you go into the water during a chase, the police will still come after you.
  • Every single different police entity has it’s own search circle (i.e. there is not a single circle for all cops like in GTA IV).
  • Blowing up a cop car will earn you 1 star and flying over the prison will earn you 2 stars.
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