Halloween Comes To GTA Online In New Event

Everyone might be busy getting swept off their feet by Red Dead Redemption 2 (here's the cheat codes by the way), but Halloween is also here, which means thematic Grand Theft Auto Online event time.

Rockstar is breaking out all of the old spooky Adversary Modes for double rewards, has some new clothing on offer and a bunch of discounts.

Trick or Treating this year will get you bullets with the former and double RP and GTA$ with the latter. All vaguely spooky Adversary Modes, meaning Slasher, Slashers, Condemned, Lost Vs Damned, Come Out To Play and Beast Vs Slasher pay out double rewards. All maps for all of the above are included in the promotion so you're not forced into a mix playlist.


A trio of special Halloween themed shirts can be unlocked simply by logging into GTA Online through the 5th of November. These include the Psycho Swingers, Zombie Liberals in the Midwest and Twilight Knife T-shirts. Unfortunately, no new masks seem to be coming to the game.

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Discounts this week fall into two camps - those related to Halloween, and those that aren't. For the former, we get four deals all 35% off. Included in the offerings are the LCC Sanctus, which was added as part of a Halloween DLC in the past, the Albany Lurcher and the Albany Franken Stange. All Halloween masks are also discounted.

The non-thematic deals are more diverse. The B-11 Strikeforce, the HVY Chernobog, the FH-1 Hunter, the Enus Stafford and the Festival Bus are all 30% off. The Imponte Duke'O'Death, the Armored Boxville and the JoBuilt Phantom Wedge are discounted by 35%.

Up and coming entrepreneurs of GTA Online are also catered to by this event. Executive offices, necessary for CEO work, are 40% off. To complement your new HQ, Office garages and their renovations are 30% off.

We have a hunch that for the first time since the game's history, Adversary Mode queues will be a tad more full on PC than either console.


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