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Gunrunning In Focus With Weekly GTA Online Bonuses

Last week Rockstar Games kicked off a month-long celebration of Grand Theft Auto Online's many illicit businesses, which have provided the game with its content backbone for years now - and the community with varied ways to make fortunes. This week, the spotlight shines on Gunrunning.

Keeping a black market weapons trafficking business up and running is hard work, and you always need new toys to stay ahead of the curve. This week, GTA Online's gunrunners can benefit from doubled Bunker Research Speed and a 50% discount on Bunker Supplies, allowing you to keep your stocks full and your equipment up to date.

If you are looking to boost your income, Special Vehicle Work is paying out double the usual RP and GTA$ this week. As one of the better paying activities in GTA Online, that 2x buff on payouts will make it particularly worth your time.

Clandestine business dealings revolve around the kingpins, making them high value targets. The Extraction game mode revolves entirely around one team trying to take out a VIP, while another tries to defend them - it makes sense that this mode would get some special treatment. Extraction rounds are paying out triple rewards, and winning three will get you a one-time bonus of GTA$ 150,000.

While all the bonuses make playing GTA Online this week worth the time and effort, even simply logging in will net you a gift - all players will unlock a Black Hawk & Little Logo Tee free of charge when hopping into Los Santos. You might just want to stick around long enough to grab a Vehicle Warehouse or a Special Cargo Warehouse too, as both are 30% off.

Beat the racing challenges and drive away in the Grotti Turismo Classic, this week's Prize Ride vehicle. While you're already at the LS Car Meet, try out the Declasse Granger 3600LX, Enus Deity, and Dinka RT3000 on the Test Track. The Obey Tailgater S is this week's vehicle prize at the Diamond Casino & Resort, so give that Lucky Wheel a spin every day.

This week's discounts include 30% off the Coil Rocket Voltic, 40% off the Declasse Weaponized Tampa, 40% off the HVY Nightshark, 40% off the Karin Sultan RS Classic, 50% off the Pegassi Torero and 40% off the Emperor ETR1.


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