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Gunrunning Event Takes GTA Online By Storm

Gta Online Gunrunning Event

After a month filled with daring heist related bonuses, Rockstar isn't about to let players slack off in Grand Theft Auto Online - this week's event is just as action packed and ridiculously illegal as the last, tasking you with all sorts of Gunrunning related activities for big scores.

Los Santos and Blaine County is already possibly the most dangerous place on the planet with millions of psychopathic mass-murdering criminals owning tanks, fighter jets, fantastical transforming vehicles, massive arsenals and orbital lasers - and we haven't even gotten to the NPCs yet. It feels like flooding this market with black market weaponry is just a drop in the ocean at this point, but that won't stop people from paying.

Thanks to the gun-hungry populace of Los Santos, all Gunrunning Sell missions will pay out a bonus 50% RP and GTA$ on top of the usual take. Often we get 2x or even 3x bonuses headlining events, but Gunrunning Sell missions are already very lucrative, and Rockstar probably doesn't want people earning themselves silly before a DLC - how will they sell Shark Cards then?

There are, of course, some double and triple bonuses on offer, but on activities that have a much lower baseline payout. The Bunker Series playlist is offering 3x the normal rewards, while Mobile Operations Missions are paying out double. Additionally, jumping into matches of Top Fun or competing in Car Meet Races will also get you 2x rewards.

All players logging into GTA Online this week will unlock the rather nondescript Manor PRBG Tee for free, and have the chance of winning an Emperor Vectre in the Prize Ride Challenge. Meanwhile, the Test Track is offering free tryouts of the Karin Sultan Classic, the Obey Tailgater S, and the Übermacht Cypher while the Mammoth Squaddie makes the rounds on The Diamond's podium.

Gta Online Top Fun

With all the Gunrunning bonuses on offer this week, some of the discounts shouldn't surprise you. Bunkers, their upgrades, Mobile Operations Centers and their upgrades are all 40% off, and you can take 30% off at the LS Car Meet merch shop.

On the vehicle side of things, you can buy the Ocelot Jugular, the Maibatsu Penumbra FF, and the Pegassi Tempesta at a 35% discount, while the JoBuilt P-996 Lazer jet is 30% off. While some of these are pretty juicy, we'd hold off on the spending spree until the next DLC drops - you'll be missing those millions.


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