Guide: How To Not Die In GTA Online For Newbies

GTA V is a juggernaut when it comes to sales.


The game has already sold 54 million copies, not counting digital sales, and the slew of discounts the game is getting through various distribution services means there is still massive demand. Take-Two's earnings seem to reflect this, and we'll bet that a large fraction of those 8 million players each week are newcomers. However, GTA Online is hardly forgiving for the unprepared and inexperienced. Players will go to surprising lengths just to kill you again and again, which might be off-putting for low-level players with little by way of equipment.



Well, if you're keen on surviving the harsh land of Blaine County and the unforgiving streets of Los Santos, the GTA V community is here to help with some tips. Don't let the downers get to you - playing in large packs or having a strong crew to back you up aren't the only ways to survive out there. Rule of thumb is, early on, spend your money on weapons, not vehicles or cosmetic items. While getting your character dressed to your liking is certainly important from a role-play standpoint, not getting ganked every minute is important from an not-getting-uncontrollably-mad-at-the-game standpoint.

Something to prevent the anger is acceptance. Even when you're at a high level with all the prettiest toys, you're going to get killed - and that's okay. Just make sure to minimize losses by always depositing any cash you earn along the way, so that you don't lose it when the inevitable does occur.


One good tactic for staying alive is to get up close an personal with the dodge function. If you know who it is out to get you, lock on to them, and perform a combat roll (X, Square, Shift) - this will cause them to lose their lock on you. For more helpful tips, take a look at the Reddit thread.

Any of you guy have any good tips for GTA Online beginners? Feel free to post in the comments! Of course we highly recommend our thorough (and several pages long) GTA Online Guide here.

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