Guess the Six New Fan-Made Challenges Endorsed by Rockstar

We’ve frequently reported on Rockstar posting about select community created jobs in GTA Online. These jobs were either creative or good enough to pique the developer’s interest so much as to endorse them on the Newswire. Previously, Rockstar has used their primary news platform to bring attention to batches of player made jobs themed after other Rockstar properties such as Max Payne, Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire. Another batch contained missions which took place around the Fort Zancudo and Los Santos International Airport areas, and most recently they publicized a collection of GTA Online missions which evoke older Rockstar games such as Midnight Club, Manhunt and Smuggler’s Run.


This time around, the fan-made GTA Online activities that enjoy the fame and pomp of the Newswire are a tad different. Instead of being standard races or deathmatches, these gameplay challenges step outside the borders of convention, and go for a more unique gaming experience. While built around the standard game-modes the GTA Online creator allows, using intuitive design and some “house-rules”, these particular challenges force players to think outside the box.

PC GTA players can enjoy the Railroad Deathrun and the Sky Derby Muscle Cars challenges. The Railroad Deathrun has one team of “Runners” trying to reach the course’s end as quickly as possible and survive the onslaught of the Sniper team, who not only have their long range rifles going for them, but numerous traps as well. The Sky Derby Muscle Cars challenge is basically dodgem in the air.

Playstation players can partake in the Pearls Triathlon and a Scavenger Hunt. In the triathlon players will need to ride, swim and run to victory, while the Scavenger Hunt has them looking for brief cases all around the game world.

Finally, Xbox player can play the gentleman’s sport of Skeet Shooting and the not-so gentlemanly Bloody Darts. The first has players trying to hit a truck jumping off a ramp with an RPG, while the second has player hurling themselves off a high place onto an improvised darts board.

Will you guys be trying out these unique new challenges? Grab links to them all from the Newswire here.

Aron Gerencser
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