GTA’s Future Bright Despite Benzies’ Departure, Thinks Zelnick

Rockstar recently lost an important member of their team. Leslie Benzies was with Rockstar for over 15 years and had worked on the GTA franchise since development began on GTA III. After V was launched Benzies went on sabbatical with the intention to return soon after. Recently it was confirmed however that Benzies has decided not to return and officially left Rockstar Games. The company reiterated it harbored no ill will, wished him the best in his future endeavors and paid respects to his massive contributions.


Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games has now commented on Leslie’s departure. He also highlighted Benzies’ achievements and contributions and is confident that Benzies has trained his people well. Zelnick is sure that this will not hurt the future of the GTA franchise.

We’re really proud of the team approach that we have here at our company–and we have a very broad and deep team

With a company as big as Rockstar the departure of one person is hardly the end of the world. Even so, Leslie was studio head at Rockstar North for a damn long time and he directed the development of Rockstar’s biggest games. Zelnick is sure that Aaron Garbut and Rob Nelson (who are replacing Benzies) will keep things going at the same pace.

We’re so proud of the deep and broad pool of creative talent. It’s our job to move ahead day and night without ever missing a beat. And that’s what we’re doing


Zelnick could not comment on what plans Leslie has for the future but after being on vacation for over a year, maybe Leslie has come to like retirement. He certainly has the kind of financial background to afford it.

Which one of Benzies’ games do you like the most?

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