GTA V's Vehicles Meet The Avengers

Usually when speaking of GTA Online, the main point of discussion is how to get more money, because everyone is either broke or grinding for something particularly expensive. Be it a yacht, a lowrider or maybe even that flashy but useless $GTA 10 million golden jet, everyone wants something expensive. You rarely come across a player who speaks of having too much cash in-game with nothing to spend it on.

Well, just like in real life, it is the very rich and bored players of GTA Online who come up with the most creative things. We've seen players not worried about cash starting up their own taxi service, for example.



Normally you're always grinding cash for the next item, vehicle or weapon which is statistically better than the one before. It is a straight line of linear progression. It's not until you have cash to spare that you start caring about configurations which are more comfortable or simply "look good" .

Case in point, you'd never would have come up with putting together a fleet of vehicles customized to reference one of the most well-known superhero teams in modern popular culture if you're a slave of statistics and absolutely need that plus ~4% increase in whatever attribute.

Reddit user and GTA V fan SneezingPandaGG has recently put together a neat little fleet of cars stylized after the Avengers from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The primary members of the team mirror the original setup, while the inclusion of characters like Vision and War machine prove that he also wanted the new wave to be represented.


The vehicle choices are excellent, not to mention after they've went through their modifications and paint-jobs. We've got the leader of the team, Captain America represented by a red and blue Turismo R that features white neon lights, so you can tick off the necessary three colors.

The Hulk gets an Insurgent with green as the primary color and purple on the rims and details. A Dubsta 6x6 steps in for Thor. While the imposing size and intimidating exterior do fit the character, something more royal would have befitted the son of Odin. The red and gold Jester is obviously Iron Man and it isn't just the color scheme which gives that one away.


Vision's Sentinel XS, while being in the particular shade of green which also appears on the android, doesn't quite convey the character well as it has no other colors or any unique upgrades. On the flip side, the armored Shafter V12 is perfect for War Machine, as the color scheme fits like a glove and the armor is a nice touch too.


Unfortunatley, a few of the team-members are missing. A Black Widow themed motorcycle and a Hawkeye themed aerial vehicle would have been much appreciated, not to mention something special for Nick Fury too.


Getting the right upgrades and paint-jobs for these vehicles, especially considering that the creator might not have gotten it right the first time probably put a sizable dent into his credit card.

How would you have depicted the Avengers as vehicles in GTA Online?

Aron Gerencser
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