GTA V's UFOs Up Close And Personal

The mysterious UFO easter eggs across the GTA franchise have always been elusive and shrouded in unanswered questions. The whole web of puzzles, secrets and hidden clues of the Mt. Chiliad Mystery which is constructed around UFO sightings in-game has yet to be solved. The aliens of the GTA universe are quaint creatures, similar to your typical 'little grey men" in terms of transportation and behavior. They are unique and different in terms of appearance though.

The strange green creatures have been eagerly hunted by the easter-egg seekers of the GTA V community ever since the game initially launched. Players have uncovered several UFOs and sighted the aliens themselves on multiple occasions. Michael even hallucinates (or does he?) that he is abducted by a group of aliens and is experimented upon in their ship.

However, never before has any player gotten this close to GTA V's aliens. Two mods coming to us from enterprising and creative modder, Abstractmode, whose work we have extensively featured on this site, seek to get us better acquainted with our extraterrestrial friends.



One of these mods opens up the interior of an alien UFO. Specifically, the UFO in which Michael is experimented on. Since this is the same game asset, Michael's body is also present on the operating table.

This interior works as a map mod and requires the Menyoo trainer to be spawned. The UFO first appears close to the ground, dropping monkeys below it. After this it climbs to a higher altitude, allowing for prime base-jumping to be had. The interior is pretty bare with only the four aliens, Michael and a strange disco-ball like contraption hanging from the ceiling to decorate the place.


The other mod which literally puts you within inches of an alien is the flyable GTA V UFO mod. This mod wraps the Fort Zancudo UFO model around a Hydra with a custom cockpit. E.T. is also riding shotgun with you. The controls in the custom cockpit are a tad low-rez, but you'll probably be more focused on the fact that a freaking alien is riding shotgun. Or the beautiful night-time skyline of Los Santos through the large windows.


In some sort of freak restriction, the UFO can only be spawned in the vicinity of Fort Zancudo, which is also the location where the actual UFO also appears.


I think not!

What other alien related GTA V mods would you like to see in the future?

Aron Gerencser
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