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GTA V's Trevor Starred In The Walking Dead

Trevor Van

We're going to go out on a limb (no pun intended) here and assume many of you watch AMC's The Walking Dead. We're assuming this since The Walking Dead is an insanely popular show and it just so happens that GTA V is an insanely popular game. The numbers dictate that there must be a significant overlap between the two audiences.


Well, technically we know for a fact that the two fandoms do indeed overlap, as evidenced by the magnificent Walking Dead intro sequence recreation made with the Rockstar Editor in the GTA V engine that we featured some time ago.

Those of you who watched the season finale for The Walking Dead's sixth season last night may have recognized one of the saviors from the beginning of the episode to be none other than Steven Ogg. He is both the face model and voice for Trevor Phillips, one of the three playable protagonists of GTA V.

Ogg has nailed his performance of the psychopathic Canadian that he has since landed several guest roles in popular TV shows like Better Call Saul and Broad City - all of which had him play some kind of psychopath or deranged character.

Whether or not this trend continues in The Walking Dead - if his performance continues, that is - remains to be seen. Many eager fans hope to see him catch more screen time in the upcoming seventh season.


Based on the various reactions Ogg's appearance has gotten, it can be said that he all but stole the spotlight from what was supposed to be the big introduction of the episode. Readers of the Walking Dead graphic novels (and oh boy are they graphic) will be familiar with a character called Negan, who had his live action debut in the finale episode. This Negan is allegedly a prominent and central character, who will become the main antagonist of the next season.

Even so, Ogg, with significantly less screen-time managed to steal all of Negan's flare. Trevor has a massive fan-club and is considered by many to be the best acted, written and defined of the three GTA V protagonists. His behavior and outbursts of violence have lead rise to all kinds of fan theories. Does Trevor represent some kind of demon or force of death? Or is he a metaphor for the players themselves?

Do you hope to see the actors behind GTA V's protagonists turn up in more shows and movies?

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