GTA V’s Sales Continue To Rise; Take-Two Beats Wall Street Expectations

Just when you thought that the GTA V juggernaut is slowing down after well over two years, Take-Two has just released their sales data. Turning their fortunes around compared to the last report, instead of pulling several millions in losses, Take-Two has earned $32.7 million in profits, which is quite a lot, and when added to their available investments, they have over a billion on cold hard cash to spend on projects.


One of the biggest contributors to this massive increase was the recent release of NBA 2K16, the leading basketball sport game franchise. While the launch occurred a mere day before the report was submitted, the launch sales and pre-orders clocked in a 4 million sold copies, and day-one microtransaction purchases were at an all time high.

However, the biggest cash cow continues to be GTA V with its microtransactions. It has been revealed that GTA Online still has a steady 8 million players per week which is an absolutely insane number. To put things into perspective, Battlefield 4 and Hardline, the two most recent installments of the contending most-popular-FPS franchise have 6 million players. Per month…


DLC purchases have made up more than half of the revenue collected from digital distribution, and 20% of overall revenue this quarter. It is clear that the Shark Cash Cards for GTA Online are quite popular among players. With the car customization in GTA Online Lowriders being so insanely expensive, you can bet that it caused microtransactions to skyrocket. That’s how you make profit off “free” DLC.

The overall revenue reported was $364.9 million, which shows a massive 169% increase over the revenue of last year, and outstrips by far the number which the know-it-alls of Wall Street have predicted for the company, which was $318.3 million. Overall, we can safely say that Take-Two are making a boatload of cash.

Have any of you guys ever spent on microtransactions in GTA V?

Aron Gerencser
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