GTA V’s Rumored Gender Change Implemented, But Not As Feature

In the days leading up to the release of patch 1.29 for GTA Online which contained the long awaited Freemode Events DLC, alongside several dozen new missions, activities and also fixed countless long-surviving bugs, the foundations of GTA Online were completely reworked by wiping away loading screens, lobbies and menus.

While on the surface this does not seem like a significant change, if you couple it with the numerous back-stage adjustments and alterations Rockstar made to the game code in order to prepare GTA Online for the next wave of DLC, the upgrade is a groundbreaking one.


Preceding the announcement of what 1.29 will contain exactly, the GTA community went overboard with the rumors and speculation (because of course it did), and invented and/or “found” several new features that the game will be getting with the new update. One such rumored feature was the addition of plastic surgery clinics where you could change the gender of your GTA Online character for a rather large sum of GTA $.

Now, as we all know by now, there is no such feature in Freemode Events. However, as with most rumors and fabrications, it did have some basis in reality, as a form of a gender swapping system has been implemented in GTA Online. It just isn’t an in-game feature with an in-game store you visit with your character.

Instead all players are given the chance to contact Rockstar support to claim their one-time gender change “token”. Everyone can change their character’s gender once with no cost or any other strings attached. You just contact support, and the next time you boot up GTA Online, you can customize your existing character again, but with the other gender this time around. The one-time limit is probably implemented to keep players from exploiting the system as a character-recustomizer or having people switch gender every day.

Will you be changing the gender of your GTA Online character?

Aron Gerencser
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