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GTA V's RPG Mod Better Than Ever


Some time ago we reported on the ongoing development of a mod called GTA RPG, and since then, the mod has grown significantly. Of course without the mod, GTA V is hardly an RPG. In fact, it is one of the most liberal uses of the term "with RPG elements" in the video game industry currently. While the player has control over certain plot points, character appearance and load-out, the game does miss a few essential components of a full blown RPG. Coming in after sports/racing ad shooters, RPGs are the most popular genre of games out there, with seemingly endless variety.


Well, some fans of GTA V decided it could certainly use the complete RPG treatment, and decided to make a mod for that. The aptly titled GTA RPG is a project that has been running since the end of July, and has gone through several iterations. The basis of the mod is the standard WRPG archetype. It adds an XP-system, dialogue options which influence the outcome of the story. There are abilities you can unlock by leveling up, and a weaponry progression system has been introduced in the latest update to the mod.

One of the other main RPG elements this mod adds is an in-depth and developed loot system which allows you to progressively equip your character with better and better equipment you acquire from dead enemies or as quest rewards.


Here we move on to the next big thing - quests. RPGs are full of 'em, so it is fitting that GTA RPG has added a dynamic quest system, allowing you to accept multiple quests at a time and finish them at your own pace. These quests, as well as any other relevant info will always appear in some way on your screen through the new UI.

Would you want more RPG elements in GTA V?


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