GTA V's Rides Become Magically Pimp

GTA V modder ISOFX really has a penchant for particle based graphical effects. In the vast world of modding, you always have certain paths and branches which make categorizing things much easier.

You've got gameplay mods, visual mods, car mods, etc. Then in gameplay mods you have mods which tweak existing game mechanics and those which add new ones. In visual mods you have full graphics mods which try and make the game more realistic, or specific visual mods which seek to alter a given aspect of how the game looks.

GTA V is certainly a visually stunning game. It's realistic, it's colorful and vibrant and it sure as hell isn't dull - but it isn't constantly exploding in flashes of neon. As strange as it is to say this sentence, GTA V is grounded in reality - at least in the visual sense.


ISOFX has in the past released the extremely flashy Particle Gun mod, which instead of shooting regular boring bullets spewed a wide, customized range of various particle effects which caused the game to light up in wonderful spectacle. Puffs of hazy, glowing purple smoke, splashes of colorful water and flashes of lightning.


His newest GTA V mod goes in a similar vein, but with a new twist. Particle Mechanic allows you to order in custom vehicles from the in-game smartphone which have special particle effects applied to them. Just like the particle gun, these rides function properly as vehicles, but have the added bonus of constantly looping visual effects.

ISOFX has managed to come up with a way to prevent the particle effects from causing latency by slowing down the loops, adding to the visual appeal of the mod even more. You can pick any of the particle effects which appeared in the previous mod, so users of the Particle Gun mod will be familiar with the various names.

The purple puff is among the flashiest of the effects once again, however it might become a bit annoying after a while. The disintegration effect seems a bit like a particular Battlefront 2 power-up for those of you who remember it. You also have the option to turn the vehicle itself invisible, so that the particle effect itself is the only thing you can see cruising around.

Which particle effect introduced with this GTA V mod is you favorite? Is it the purple puff, or is that too flashy for you?

Aron Gerencser
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