GTA V's Police Get Their Most Intimidating Car Yet

Sirens flash. Your blood pressure shoots through the roof. You sweat uncontrollably, and yet you've only begun your escape. You rush to the nearest parking lot. Your eyes pass over the various normal street cars lined up, and fixate on a nearby Zentorno. You know you'll need something fast to outrun this particular cop. Even the FIB fear this particular unit.


Horror stories of its terrifying visage have spread like wildfire in the criminal underworld of Los Santos. You know that the age of criminals is over, the power of the gangs has been broken. You are among the last of your kind. As you speed away from the crime scene, the blare of sirens sends you into a panic. You are taking wrong turns, making mistakes. You now see flashes of red and blue reflecting in the windshields of the oncoming traffic. You start praying like never before. You turn a corner. A dead end. It has cornered you. You know there is no point in running.

You crawl out of the car, defeated, and look upon the leviathan which has vanquished you as it moves in for the kill...



Now you know true fear.


So, yeah, someone out there went ahead, took the Peel P50 mod we reported on some time ago and reworked it into a one man squad car. They slapped on a metallic blue color scheme and a police siren, and boom, there you have it. The most intimidating weapon in the arsenal of the LSPD.

Here's a tip: when pulling someone over, there is no need to get out of the car, just pull up next to their window, wait till they're done laughing their asses off, give them the ticket, and drive off with what little dignity you have left.

Will any of you guys begin a vigilante career in GTA V with this beast?

Aron Gerencser
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