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GTA V's Police Get Less Violent And More Competent (Mod)

Leave it to modders to fix something again and again. Amidts universal praise, GTA V has a single recurring criticism popping up. Even the 10/10 and 5 star reviews usually made a point of calling the game out on its handling of law enforcement. In GTA V, even the smallest infractions which give you a single wanted star effectively sentence you to death. You will be hunted down and brutally killed by the LSPD in this game. No due process, no arrests, no trial. You see the blue, chances are bullets will be coming your way.


The massive modding community on PC has tackled this issue in multiple ways. Some modders retaliated, by making a mod to decrease your wanted level if you kill all your followers. Other modders decided to flip the tables and put together a AAA quality police simulator built upon GTA V instead.


Skilled GTA V modder Eddlm and the "Realism Team" also decided to take on this feature with their own mod-double-team. Better Chases + Arrest Warrant add a new layer of gameplay to the police chases. Now, the cops won't zero in on you even if there isn't a soul in sight. They need to have visual contact with you and you can evade them by switching vehicles and wearing masks.

They also won't shoot you into a sieve unless you've committed a serious enough crime. They'll even simply try to subdue you before applying lethal force. The mod also adds a key feature - you can surrender. When the cops are coming at you, you can avoid a firefight, put down your gun and just let them take you in. Adding this kind of depth and realism is tricky without taking the fun out of the game, however Eddlm managed it.

What other features would you implement to improve cops in GTA V?


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